Authors: S

Dianne Salerni

The Caged Gaves (2013)

Sofia Samatar

A Stranger in Olondria, briefly (2015)

Karen Sandler

Tankborn (2011)

Constance Savery

Enemy Brothers (2012)

Ruth Sawyer

Roller Skates, briefly (2008)
The Year of Jubilo, briefly (2008)
Leerie, briefly (2008)

Dorothy Sayers

Have His Carcase, briefly (2010)
The Documents in the Case, briefly (2011)
Muder Must Advertise, briefly (2010)
Busman’s Honeymoon (2007); Reading Notes (2015)
Strong Poison Reading Notes (2015)
Gaudy Night (2010); Reading Notes (2015)

John Scalzi

Zoe’s Tale, briefly (2011)
Old Man’s War, briefly (2011)
The Ghost Brigades, briefly (2011)
The Last Colony, briefly (2011)
The Human Division, briefly (2013)
Lock In (2014)

Erica Lorraine Scheidt

Uses for Boys (2013)

Laura Schlitz

Good Masters! Sweet Ladies!, briefly (2008)
A Drowned Maiden’s Hair, briefly (2008)
Splendors and Glooms, briefly (2012)

Gary Schmidt

Okay for Now, briefly (2011)
Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy, briefly (2014)

Eliot Schrefer

Endangered (2013)

Nevil Schute

A Town Like Alice, briefly (2009)

Victoria Schwab

The Near Witch, briefly (2011)

Elizabeth Scott

Something, Maybe, briefly (2010)

Walter Sellar and Robert Yeatman

1066 and All That, briefly (2009)

Brian Selznick

The Invention of Hugo Cabret, briefly (2009)
Wonderstruck, briefly (2011)

Ruta Sepetys

Out of the Easy, briefly (2013)

Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, briefly (2010), and again, briefly (2013)

Vicki Shecter

Cleopatra’s Moon, briefly (2011)

Anna Sheehan

A Long, Long Sleep (2011)

Steve Sheinkin

a href=””>Port Chicago 50, briefly (2015)

Sharon Shinn

Gateway (2010)
The Safe-Keeper’s Secret, briefly (2011)
The Truth-Teller’s Tale, briefly (2011)
The Dream-Maker’s Magic (2010)
Turning Season, briefly (2015)
Troubled Waters and Jeweled Fire, briefly (2016)

Neal Shusterman

Bruiser, briefly (2011)

Alexander McCall Smith

Morality for Beautiful Girls, briefly (2007)

Cynthia Leitich Smith

Tantalize, briefly (2010)

Dodie Smith

I Capture the Castle (2010)

Sherri Smith
Flygirl (2014)

Sherwood Smith

Crown Duel and Court Duel, briefly (2008) and again, briefly (2009)
Court Duel, briefly (2010)
A Posse of Princesses, briefly (2010)

Caroline Dale Snedeker

Downright Dencey, briefly (2008)

Lemony Snicket

The Grim Brotto, briefly (2007)
The Penultimate Peril, briefly (2007)
The End, briefly (2007)
Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography, briefly (2007)

Laurel Snyder

Maria Snyder

Poison Study, briefly (2008)

Virginia Sorenson

Miracles on Maple Hill, briefly (2008)

Juliana Spahr

This Connection of Everything With Lungs, briefly (2008)

Amy Spalding

The Reece Malcolm List, briefly (2013)

Jerry Spinelli

Stargirl (2010)

Nancy Springer

The Case of the Missing Marquess, briefly (2008)

Natalie Standiford

The Boy on the Bridge (2013)

Diane Stanley

The Silver Bowl, briefly (2011)
The Cup and the Crown, briefly (2013)

Caroline Stevermer

A College of Magics and A Scholar of Magics (2010); A College of Magics, briefly (2011); A Scholar of Magics, briefly (2011)
Magic Below Stairs (2010)
When the King Comes Home, briefly (2011)

Mary Stewart

The Ivy Tree, briefly (2010), and again, briefly (2011)
Madam, Will You Talk, briefly (2011)
Nine Coaches Waiting, briefly (2010), and again, briefly (2011)Rose Cottage, briefly (2011)
The Stormy Petrel, briefly (2011)
This Rough Magic, briefly (2012)
Thornyhold, briefly (2011)
Touch Not the Cat, briefly (2012)
Wildfire at Midnight, briefly (2012)

Trenton Lee Stewart

The Perilous Journey, briefly (2010)
The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Prisoner’s Dilemma, briefly (2010)

Maggie Stiefvater

Lament, briefly (2010)
Ballad (2010)
Shiver (2010)
Linger (2010)
Forever (2011)
The Scorpio Races (2011)
The Raven Boys, briefly (2012)
The Dream Thieves (2013)
The Curiosities, briefly (2012)

Francisco X. Stork

Marcelo in the Real World (2010)
The Last Summer of the Death Warriors, briefly (2011)

Victoria Strauss

Passion Blue (2013)

Jonathan Stroud

The Ring of Solomon
The Screaming Staircase, briefly (2013)
The Whispering Skull (2014)

Katherine Sturtevant

At the Sign of the Star, briefly (2008)
The Brothers Story, briefly (2010)

Noel Streatfeild

Ballet Shoes (2007)
Theatre Shoes (2007)
Dancing Shoes, briefly (2009) and again, briefly (2010)
Party Shoes, briefly (2009)
Movie Shoes, briefly (2008)
Circus Shoes, briefly (2010)
Family Shoes, briefly (2010)
Skating Shoes, briefly (2010)
When the Sirens Wailed, briefly (2010)
Thursday’s Child, briefly (2010)

Showell Stytes

Midshipman Quinn omnibus, briefly (2012)

Tara Sullivan

Golden Boy (2013)

Rosemary Sutcliff

Bonnie Dundee (2009)
The Lantern Bearers (2010)
The Shield Ring (2010)
The Shining Company (2009)
The Silver Branch (2008)
Dawn Wind, briefly (2009)
Frontier Wolf, briefly (2010)
The Capricorn Bracelet, briefly (2010)
Blood Feud, briefly (2010)
The Mark of the Horse Lord, briefly (2011)
Flame-Colored Taffeta, briefly (2011)
The Sword and the Circle, briefly (2011)
Outcast, briefly (2012)
Lady in Waiting, briefly (2012)
Sun Horse, Moon Horse, briefly (2014)

Shanna Swendson

Rebel Mechanics, briefly (2015)

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