Authors: B

Stefan Bachmann

The Peculiar, briefly (2013)

Pam Bachorz

Candor (2011)

Paolo Bacigalupi

Ship Breaker (2010) and again, briefly (2010)
The Drowned Cities, briefly (2012)

Kage Baker

The Hotel Under the Sand, briefly (2010)
In the Garden of Iden, briefly (2010)

Blue Balliett

Chasing Vermeer, briefly (2009)

Cyn Balog

Fairy Tale, briefly (2010)

Leigh Bardugo

Shadow and Bone (2012)

Jill Barklem

Brambly Hedge (2007)

Rebecca Barnhouse

The Coming of the Dragon

Tracey Barratt

Dark of the Moon, briefly (2012)

E.L. Bates

Magic Most Deadly (2014)

Elizabeth Bear

Bone and Jewel Creatures, briefly (2012)
Range of Ghosts (2014)
A Companion to Wolves trilogy

Kate Beaton

Hark! A Vagrant, briefly (2011)

Galen Beckett

The Magicians and Mrs. Quent, briefly (2011)

Cece Bell

El Deafo, briefly (2014)

Margot Benary-Isbert

Rowan Farm (2008)

Beth Bernobich

Fox and Phoenix, briefly (2011)

Fr. James Bernstein

Surprised by Christ, briefly (2010)

Julie Berry

The Amaranth Enchantment, briefly (2010)

Wendell Berry

Home Economics (2007)
The Mad Farmer Poems, briefly (2009)

Franny Billingsley

The Folk Keeper (2011)
Chime (2011)

Jeanne Birdsall

The Penderwicks, briefly (2008)
The Penderwicks on Gardam Street, briefly (2008) and again, briefly (2010)
The Penderwicks at Point Mouette, briefly (2011)
The Penderwicks in Spring (2015)

Holly Black

White Cat (2010) and again, briefly (2010)
Red Glove (2011
Black Heart, briefly (2012)
The Poison Eaters, briefly (2012)
Doll Bones (2013)
The Iron Trial (2014)
The Darkest Part of the Forest, briefly (2015)

Sage Blackwood

Jinx (2013)
Jinx’s Magic (2014)
Jinx’s Fire (2015)

Kendare Blake

Anna Dressed in Blood, briefly (2011)

Judy Blundell

What I Saw and How I Lied (2009)

Leah Bobet

An Inheritance of Ashes (2015)

Ellen Booream

Small Persons with Wings, briefly (2011)

Erin Bow

Plain Kate (2010) and again, briefly (2010); and again briefly (2011)
Sorrow’s Knot (2013)
The Scorpion Rules (2015)

Alexandra Bracken

Brightly Woven, briefly (2010)

Jennifer Bradbury

Wrapped, briefly (2011)

Ray Bradbury

Dandelion Wine (2007)
The Illustrated Man, briefly (2010)
From the Dust Returned (2011)

Gillian Bradshaw

The Beacon at Alexandria, London in Chains, Island of Ghosts, and Hawk of May (2013)
The Bearkeeper’s Daughter, briefly (2014)
Imperial Purple, briefly (2014)
The Wolf Hunt (2014)
Alchemy of Fire (2014)
The Sand Reckoner, briefly (2015)

Libba Bray

A Great and Terrible Beauty (2008)
The Diviners, briefly (2012)

M.E. Breen

Darkwood, briefly (2010)

Marie Brennan

The Tropic of Serpents, briefly (2015)

Sarah Rees Brennan

The Demon’s Lexicon, briefly (2010)
The Demon’s Covenant (2010) and again, briefly (2010)
The Demon’s Surrender (2011)
Unspoken (2012)
Untold, briefly (2013)
Unmade (2014)
Tell the Wind and Fire, briefly (2016)

Alicia Wright Brewster

Echo (2013)

Paul Brickhill

The Great Escape, briefly (2011)

Patricia Briggs

Dragon Bones, briefly (2011)
Dragon Blood, briefly (2011)

Martha Brockenbrough

The Game of Love and Death, briefly (2015)

Meljean Brook

The Iron Duke, briefly (2011)

Eli Brown

Cinnamon and Gunpowder (2013)

Jennifer Brown

Torn Away (2014)

Steven Brust

Taltos, briefly (2011)
The Book of Jhereg [Jhereg; Yendi; Teckla] (2011)

Linda Buckley-Archer

Gideon the Cutpurse, briefly (2010)
The Time Thief, briefly (2010)

Lois McMaster Bujold

Shards of Honor (2010); reading notes (2014), and again briefly (2011)
Barrayar reading notes (2014); andagain, briefly (2010)
Young Miles [The Warrior’s Apprentice, Mountains of Mourning, The Vor Game] (2010), and again briefly (2010)
Cetaganda and Ethan of Athos (2010)
Brothers in Arms (2014), and again, briefly (2010)
Mirror Dance (2014), and again, briefly (2010)
Memory again, briefly (2011)
A Civil Campaign (2010) and again, briefly (2010) andyet again, briefly (2011)
Diplomatic Immunity, briefly (2011)
Miles, Mutants, and Microbes; Borders of Infinity (2010)
Cryoburn (2011)
Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance, briefly (2012)
Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen (2016)
The Curse of Chalion (2011)
Paladin of Souls (2011)
The Hallowed Hunt (2011)
Beguilement (2011)
Legacy, briefly (2011)
Passage, briefly (2011)
Horizon, briefly (2011)

Elizabeth C. Bunce

StarCrossed (2010) and again, briefly (2010)
Liar’s Moon, briefly (2012)
A Curse as Dark as Gold, briefly (2011)

Anthony Burgess

A Clockwork Orange, briefly (2007)

Stephanie Burgis

Kat, Incorrigible, briefly (2011)
Masks and Shadows (2016)

Laura Buzo

Love and Other Perishable Items (2013)

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