February reading list

A few days late. Sorry about that, I’ve been busy and sick.

Counsels for Life–Elder Ephraim: I’m not sure why, but this book did not touch me as much as some of the other spiritual books I’ve been reading recently. The best I can come up with is that it felt somewhat disconnected from my struggles.

The Singing Sands–Josephine Tey: I love Josephine Tey, and this is one of her best books! An interesting mystery and the characters, as always, stand out so sharply.

So Many Books, So Little Time–Sara Nelson: An account of one woman’s attempt to chart her reading year. Interesting and fun read. I’d recommend skipping a chapter or two.

This Connection of Everything With Lungs–Juliana Spahr: Poetry book for my poetry class. I didn’t enjoy it as much as the Saskia Hamilton book I read in January, but still a recommended.

The Queen of Attolia–Megan Whalen Turner: I love these books. Have I said that already? I think I have.

Book of a Thousand Days–Shannon Hale: Reviewed here. (Quick sum-up: read it!)

Operating Instructions–Anne Lamott: Entertaining, but I didn’t like it nearly as much as I had hoped.

Sleeping with the Dictionary–Harryette Mullen: Poetry book for poetry class. My least favorite out of all of them. I felt there was no substance to the poems. There were a few here and there I liked, but overall I could do without it.

Good Masters! Sweet Ladies!–Laura Amy Schlitz: Series of dramatic poems from the point of view of young adults in a medieval village. I enjoyed them quite a bit, although I felt in several poems that Schlitz was projecting a very modern point of view onto her characters.

The King of Attolia–Megan Whalen Turner: Again, I love this series. I can’t wait for the fourth book!

Water–Robin McKinley and Peter Dickinson: Robin McKinley and her husband write short stories on the same theme. I liked most of them, but I think I like her novels better than her short stories.

Friendly Gables–Hilda Van Stockum: A very sweet story of a family in Canada, sometime in the first half of the twentieth century (I think between the two World Wars). A nice, old-fashioned read.

Bad Kitty–Michelle Jaffe: I am decidedly meh about this book. It was entertaining, but it was all fluff and no substance. Not my type at all.

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