Review policy

I am primarily interested in middle grade and YA speculative fiction, although I will consider books from other genres if they sound intriguing.

I am willing to consider self-published books; however, I am pretty selective about what I will agree to accept from self-published authors. Trying to pitch your adult horror story is probably doomed. Please take a look at my Favorite Authors page to see if your story is one I might be interested in.

I read quickly, but I have limited reviewing time. Because of that, I cannot guarantee that I will write a review (more on that in a sec) or that I will manage to write it within a particular time frame.

I cannot promise to review every book I read. In the past I’ve been able to guarantee at least a short paragraph review in my monthly book posts, but now I can’t. If I don’t respond to an email offering a book for review, I’m probably not interested.

If I review a book, I will do my best to review it honestly, trying to note my biases and give clear, critical reasons for my reaction. I’m writing for other readers, not as a promotion for authors or publishers, although I fangirl over books I love quite regularly.

I also post my reviews on BookLikes.

If you want to ask me to review a book, you can email me at

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