Authors: J

Brian Jacques

Redwall, briefly (2010)

Michelle Jaffe

Bad Kitty, briefly (2008)

Nick James

Skyship Academy, briefly (2011)

P.D. James

Cover Her Face, briefly (2011)

Melissa Jensen

The Fine Art of Truth or Dare, briefly (2012)

Alaya Dawn Johnson

The Summer Prince, briefly (2013)

Christine Johnson

Claire de Lune, briefly (2012)

JJ Johnson

The Theory of Everything (2013)

Marilyn Johnson

This Book is Overdue, briefly (2013)
The Dead Beat (2011)

Maureen Johnson

Suite Scarlett, briefly (2010)
Scarlett Fever (2010)
Girl at Sea, briefly (2010)
The Last Little Blue Envelope, briefly (2012)
The Name of the Star, briefly (2011)

Varian Johnson

The Great Green Heist (2014)

E.K. Johnston

The Story of Owen (2014)
A Thousand Nights (2016)
Exit, Pursued by a Bear (2016)

Diana Wynne Jones
{My DWJ page}

Archer’s Goon, briefly (2008); reading notes (2015)
The Dalemark Quartet: Cart and Cwidder and Drowned Ammet (2009); The Spellcoats and The Crown of Dalemark (2009)
The Dark Lord of Derkholm, briefly (2008)
Deep Secret, briefly (2009), and again, briefly (2010), and yet again, briefly (2010); reading notes (2015)
Earwig and the Witch, briefly (2012)
Enchanted Glass, briefly (2010)
Fire and Hemlock (2009), and again briefly (2008)
The Game, briefly (2008)
Hexwood, briefly (2008) andagain, briefly (2010), briefly again (2011); reading notes (2015)
Howl’s Moving Castle, briefly (2008) and again, briefly (2008); reading notes (2015)
Hidden Turnings, briefly (2010)
Homeward Bounders (2010)
The Merlin Conspiracy, briefly (2009), and again, briefly (2010)
Mixed Magics, briefly (2010)
A Sudden Wild Magic, briefly (2010)
The Time of the Ghost, briefly (2012)
Unexpected Magic, briefly (2008) and again, briefly (2009)
Charmed Life audiobook (2015)
Witch’s Business, briefly (2010)

Elizabeth Orton Jones

Maminka’s Children, briefly (2010)

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