Diana Wynne Jones

How can you not love Diana Wynne Jones? With such a strong and diverse range of styles and characters, as well as some of the smartest and funniest fantasy out there, she’s one of those authors that I just love and always will. Many of you share my deep love for her and therefore don’t have to be told how awesome she is, but if you haven’t read her books, RUN to the nearest bookstore and buy one. You won’t be sorry.

Diana Wynne Jones and me: heart-books and people (my post for the Diana Wynne Jones appreciation)

Favorite, must not miss Diana Wynne Jones books
1. Howl’s Moving Castle
2. The Dalemark Quartet
3. Fire and Hemlock
4. Deep Secret
5. Hexwood
6. The Chrestomanci series, especially the first two
7. The Homeward Bounders (so sad! so good!)

All of my Diana Wynne Jones reviews
Archer’s Goon, briefly (2008)
The Dalemark Quartet: Cart and Cwidder and Drowned Ammet (2009); The Spellcoats and The Crown of Dalemark (2009)
The Dark Lord of Derkholm, briefly (2008)
Deep Secret, briefly (2009), and again, briefly (2010), and yet again, briefly (2010)
Earwig and the Witch, briefly (2012)
Enchanted Glass, briefly (2010)
Fire and Hemlock (2009), and again briefly (2008)
The Game, briefly (2008)
Hexwood, briefly (2008) andagain, briefly (2010), briefly again (2011)
Howl’s Moving Castle, briefly (2008) and again, briefly (2008)
Hidden Turnings, briefly (2010)
Homeward Bounders (2010)
The Merlin Conspiracy, briefly (2009), and again, briefly (2010)
Mixed Magics, briefly (2010)
A Sudden Wild Magic, briefly (2010)
The Time of the Ghost, briefly (2012)
Unexpected Magic, briefly (2008) and again, briefly (2009)
Witch’s Business, briefly (2010)

Books which I’ve read and haven’t formally reviewed
The Lives of Christopher Chant (1988)–read. Read second.
Conrad’s Fate (2005)–read.
Charmed Life (1977)—read. Read this first. Awesome. 😀
The Magicians of Caprona (1980)–read.
The Pinhoe Egg (2006)–read
Dark Lord of Derkholm (1998)—read. Love, love, love
Year of the Griffin (2000)—read. Love, love. Which is to say, doesn’t live up to Dark Lord, but what could?
Castle in the Air (1990)–read.
House of Many Ways (2008)—read. Both of these are good, but they don’t have enough Howl and Sophie in them. House of Many Ways is better.
Dogsbody (1975)–read.
Eight Days of Luke (1975)–read.
Power of Three (1977)–read.
A Tale of Time City (1987)–read. Major eh.
Wild Robert (1989)–read.
Black Maria (1991) (US title: Aunt Maria)–read.
Puss in Boots (1999)
Enna Hittims (2006)–read.
Warlock at the Wheel and Other Stories (1981)–read. Eh.
Stopping for a Spell (1993)–read.
Everard’s Ride (1994)–read.
Believing is Seeing (1999)–read.


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6 responses to “Diana Wynne Jones

  1. Beth

    Oh how I love her. For Chrestomanci, for Howl and Sophie, for Dark Lord of Derkholm, for that moment in Cart and Cwidder when the mountains walk. (I need to buy a copy of that book.)

    What did you think of Power of Three? I didn’t expect to love it, but it was so eerie and satisfying at the same time that I did.

    • Maureen E

      I love her as well! The whole Dalemark Quartet is amazing, and I love Fire and Hemlock, despite the confusingness, and Hexwood. And Howl. And Deep Secret. And so on.

      You know, I read Power of Three awhile ago, and I should go back and re-read it because I don’t really remember. I do sort of remember being creeped out by it on the one hand and fascinated by it on the other.

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