Links from around the web: 1-19-15

– “Depression doesn’t make you sad all the time“: this is a really excellent article and one I highly recommend for everyone, whether you are/have been depressed or not. “When I’m having a depressive episode, I’m not walking around in tattered black clothes, weeping and wailing. I go out with friends. I crack jokes (especially sardonic ones). I keep working, and have friendly chats with the people I work with. I often manage to feed and clothe myself, I read books. Above all, I experience moments of happiness…Yet I feel a strange conflicting pressure. On the one hand, I feel like I need to engage in a sort of relentless performative sadness to be taken seriously, for people to understand that I really am depressed and that each day – each moment of each day – is a struggle for me, that even when I am happy, I am still fighting the monster.” (via Kelly Jensen)

– Quite a bit of Laurie Penny’s essay “On Nerd Entitlement” resonated with me, but this part especially: “And you ask me, where were those girls when you were growing up? And I answer: we were terrified, just like you, and ashamed, just like you, and waiting for someone to take pity on our lonely abject pubescence, hungry to be touched. But you did not see us there. We were told repeatedly, we ugly, shy nerdy girls, that we were not even worthy of the category “woman”.” The whole thing is worth a read. (via Ebony Elizabeth Thomas)

– I’m chewing on this essay by Nisi Shawl, “Reviewing the Other.” Lots of interesting points to think about, as people are focusing on diversity in their reading and reviewing. (via The Other Side of the Rain)

– Informative tweets from Justina Ireland about the diversity problem in publishing.

– Interesting post from Kameron Hurley about the intersection of work and luck. This is specifically about writing, but I suspect it has a wider application too. (via Rachel Neumeier)

JJ Abrams mistakes Mo Williams for Mo Willems and hilarity ensues. I am so happy that this is a thing that actually happened. (via Leila)

Felt dragons! They’re so cute! (via Miriam Forster)

– Elizabeth Wein fangirl moment: Morven Christie (who voiced Verity on the Code Name Verity audiobook) is going to be on Doctor Who!

– Betsy Bird read Cuckoo Song and has a nice review up. I subsequently discovered that Frances Hardinge has a link to my review on her website and literally got slightly light-headed.

– I retweeted something about this (Ship your enemies glitter) and my timeline erupted into controversy. So many people pro-glitter! So many people anti-glitter! I am anti, but apparently there’s now glitter duct tape which sounds intriguing, since my main objection is the mess.

– Find out which All-of-a-Kind Family sibling you are!

Everything about this post is a mess.

New Ultron trailer aghhhhaghhhhhaghhhhh

By Maureen LaFerney

My name is Maureen. I currently work as a library assistant in a public library in the Indianapolis area, and also just so happen to be a voracious reader. I frequently end up under a cat.

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