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Links from around the web: 2-9-2016

Carved fairy tale forest in Ukraine, aka goodbye I’ll see you all later.

You can knit your own BB-8! And the pattern is even free!

I thought this was an interesting interview with Lois McMaster Bujold, and it turns out she likes Megan Whalen Turner’s books! (I’m not surprised–the Vorkosigan saga was originally sold to me as Gen in space.)

I wrote a post on Tumblr about ways to reset your day, mostly as a reminder to myself.

Great update on the results of Marley Dias’s #1000blackgirlbooks drive!

Chachic talks about the awesomeness of the Lion Hunters series & adds some information on why we don’t have the last book yet.

Natalie Luhrs looked at the patterns of gender & race in the Locus Recommended Reading list–her post has lots of data and is well worth taking the time to read.

Kelly Jensen wrote a really important post about the issues with using bibliotherapy as untrained library professionals. I agree with her whole-heartedly.

The cover & blurb for this new Star Wars novel about Leia look AMAZING.


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Links from around the web: 1-27-2016

Starting off with the really important stuff: the results of Lee & Low’s Diversity Baseline Survey are out and they are not surprising but sobering nonetheless. (If you are surprised by them, I suspect you haven’t been paying a lot of attention.)


This post from Liz Bourke is really thoughtful and powerful, especially this bit:

You think hunger is too extreme a metaphor for artistic representation? Perhaps it is. But food feeds the body, and art feeds the soul. (Or imagination, or spirit.) Artistic under-representation is a kind of imaginative malnutrition: there’s just enough to keep you hoping, and never quite enough to satisfy.

Really enjoyed Brandy’s Top Ten Tuesday topic on Spies and Sneaky Times from yesterday. So many of my favorite books are there!

This Howl’s Moving Castle (movie) cosplay, ahhhhhh!!

I really liked this post on the history and current meaning (and issues with cultural commentary on) Mary Sues, via The Book Smugglers. Good stuff that has me rethinking how I talk about this trope.

Hamilton valentines? Yes please!

Star Wars has taken over my Tumblr: I laughed; I cried; I melted; I laughed, part 2; I want my jacket back

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Links from around the web: 1-14-2016

The very sad news that is currently preoccupying my entire Twitter timeline is the passing of Alan Rickman. Hypable has a wonderful/sob-inducing round-up of reactions from people he worked with. (I started crying at the desk when I read Emma Thompson’s, so consider yourself warned.) As I said on Twitter, he’s always been Col. Brandon for me, that quiet, kind man.

On a happier note, PW did a great interview with NEWBERY WINNER Matt de la Peña, which also made me tear up, but in a good way.

Misty Copeland dancing on a rooftop is so beautiful.

Kelly Jensen at Stacked Books did an amazing round-up of female-driven YA books. I can’t wait to dive into the list and try the ones I haven’t already read and loved.

BB-8 cross-stitch is so cool!

How to sneak your cat into work is a very thorough explanation of how to sneak your cat into work. Which I promptly shared with my boss, so possibly my cover is blown?


That’s all for today because I have to go back to crying.

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Links from around the web: 12-21-15

This article about Megan Phelps-Roper was a really interesting read; it’s not at all surprising to me that the internet played such a big part in her change of heart/faith/life.

You’re all lucky I’m still trying to be very careful about Star Wars spoilers, because otherwise this entire post would just be STAR WARS. But for now, this Hamilton reference is PERFECT <3 <3 <3, as is JOHN BOYEGA, literal cinnamon roll! And eeeeee, so many emotions.

I am very heart-eyes over The Cursed Child’s cast, and I’m not even particularly a Harry Potter fan.

I’m posting very occasionally on a new blog, and here are some thoughts about Advent and making light.

Dovetailing off of this, the next two links are via Natalie Luhrs: a meditation on Santa Lucia day, and “We were made for these times,” which I found both challenging and encouraging.

Apparently I am entering early middle age young, because I would like to read the vast majority of these. (via, indirectly, the Two Bossy Dames)

The sad economics of internet fame was a really fascinating, thought-provoking read. (via Ebony Elizabeth Thomas)

Male writers list the female writers who have influenced them. This is really interesting, but I also feel like they shouldn’t have to be directly asked! (via Sunil Patel)


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Links from around the web: 12-9-15

This picture book looks incredibly fun & adorable. Out next fall!

Two thoughtful posts from Kelly Jensen: a letter to Time Magazine and “Do We Honor Girls’ Stories: The Double Standard of YA Lit

ALERT Hamilton fans, there is a picture book about A.Ham and A. Burr which would make a perfect gift for the young fans of any household.

ALSO HAMILTON is coming to Chicago ahhhhhhhhh.

You can find out which All-of-a-Kind Family member you most resemble. (I got Sarah, which I like.)

This art with a bunch of gorgeous teacups is soothing to my soul.

My Anne/Gilbert heart can’t handle this gifset, like, at all.

If you tend to be an over-apologizer (which I do), the concept of saying thank you instead of sorry is pretty amazing. (Disclaimer that obviously there are times when apologies are right & necessary.)

THIS ART. I want to write a story about her.

Indeed, this is the dream life, so why is it impossible?


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Links from around the web: 11-24-15

This could be titled The Burn It All Down issue, just to warn you.

Heavy stuff
Rembert Browne did a really interesting interview with DeRay McKesson. The interview itself is great & it also made me think a lot about how the questions & depth of interviews change when two people from the same group are the ones involved.

A Washington Post article about the way Ferguson led into the Mizzou protests (which I think helps push back against the idea that these are whiney college students–it becomes clear that Ferguson was a huge catalyst for a number of the activists).

People have been talking a lot about this essay “On Pandering” and with good reason. I think it says a lot of good, important things, but I’m also listening to a number of women of color who feel it has a limited point of view/scope. Still, it’s worth reading if only for the best explanation of the effects of gaslighting I’ve ever seen.

As a result of a Twitter conversation about the pandering essay above, Gwenda Bond linked me to an old article of hers about the canon, which I think is really great. I love and have loved many of the classics, and there’s nothing inherently wrong with that, but I also think it’s important to examine who and what we’re promoting.

Annie Theriault’s essay on “Mental Illness & the Male Gaze” is breathtakingly powerful.

Tying nicely in with Gwenda’s post above, the Reading While White blog had a post about who gets to be a classic, and what we’re doing when we unthinkingly promote the same books over and over. (via Brandy)

This is completely terrifying, as a woman on the internet (but really it should be terrifying for everyone). If you think that MRAs/GG are not dangerous in the real world, reconsider that. (Also the internet is part of the real world, so reconsider that too.)

I found this Atlantic article a really thoughtful critique of maker culture & what/who it’s promoting.

And finally, there was a barf-inducing article in Publisher’s Weekly about yet another white male writer who is coming to save YA from its lady-cooties, by writing a MPDG, OF COURSE. Here’s an older interview with him that made me furious about two lines in. Be warned.

A happy thing or two


Taking down Thomas Jefferson

Little girls in adorable & amazing Halloween costumes? YES PLEASE

A tiny goat is ridiculously cute

Probably most people have seen this cats vs. cucumbers video already, but just in case! I tried it with Wimsey, but he was not scared at all and mostly thought I was being silly.

The lady who bought a front-row seat at a Donald Trump rally & then read Claudia Rankine’s Citizen all through the speech is amazing & a hero.

The in-depth analysis of Han & Leia’s “I love you/I know” exchanges you’ve always wanted.

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Links from around the web: 9-16-15

The National Book Award longlist for Young People’s Literature has been posted. I am happy for several of the books (Bone Gap! Nimona! Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda!)

Daniel Kraus’s essay on Twilight in Booklist is really thoughtful and does a great job of looking at the book honestly and clearly while also not shaming its readers and fans.

Agatha Christie and the Golden Age of Poisons” is possibly the best New Yorker article ever published. I’m kidding. Sort of.

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry has a gorgeous new cover from Kadir Nelson.

A computer game for Attolia fans.

I enjoyed this Literary Gothic post.

Secret superheroes are THE BEST.

I’ve seen this dynamic before and it’s so toxic: “The other moms immediately bent over backward to make sure I knew he wasn’t theirs either. That kid in the white shirt, who appeared to be the bad behavior instigator, wasn’t their responsibility. We looked around the playground and spotted another mom, far away, clearly at the playground, but not paying any attention to her child. They made this silent affirmation, like of course. He was hers.”

Cute animals: THIS PONY AAAHHHH!!; my cat emerges from the couch

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