Made and Making: August 2014


Garlic Fries: Mmmm, these were so good. I ate almost all of them straight off the pan. Very garlicky, but delicious.

Zuccini and Ricotta Galette: This was a big hit at the church board meeting I took it to, and for good reason. Simple to make but really good.

Sugar Plum Crepes with Ricotta and Honey: I was on a bit of a ricotta kick because I’d made my own. This was one of my favorite ways to use it–also, I used some of the leftover batter to make savory crepes for breakfast, with ricotta and some sauteed vegetables.

Grilled Pork Chops with Plums: I don’t have a grill, but cooking the chops conventionally worked. Nice flavor and I liked the plums with the pork quite a bit!

Cherry Almond Scones: I made these for my own going away party at IMCPL. In my defense, I really needed to use up the cherries. They were nice and moist, and of course it’s hard to go wrong with cherry and almond.

Blackberry Cheesecake ice cream: This recipe intrigued me ever since Rachel posted it and I finally managed to assemble all of the ingredients at the same time. Really nice rich ice cream, with the bonus of not having to cook anything.

Roast Chicken and Vegetables with Mustard Jus from Working Class Foodies: There are so many ways to do roast chicken and almost all of them are delicious. I seem to remember making a few modifications and I know I cooked the vegetables separately, but this was a really nice company meal. And I ate off the leftovers for days.

100_4093Rose Under Fire sweater, a few days ago.

100_4098Pretty in Purple sweater


Much closer to the actual color for Pretty in Purple

I am kind of stalled on the sleeves for the Pretty in Purple sweater (Ravelry), so I started my Rose Under Fire sweater. Using the Twinned Roses Jumper pattern from Susan Crawford’s A Stitch in Time, Vol. 2 (Ravelry). One of the yarns I’m using is called Hare Heather. Ouch. The actual knitting is going really well so far, although I can’t find my ruler so haven’t been able to do anything the last few days. I’m almost to the armhole decreases on the back and finding the pattern so far easy to read and follow.


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