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2015 reading goals

This is the first year I’ve set myself any kind of formal goals. But I’m finding these days that in the absence of some sort of structure to my reading, I read books I don’t really enjoy, read without much pleasure or purpose. So, here goes. We’ll see how it actually works.

* The middle school in the district where I work has been doing the 40 book challenge with their kids and I’m using it as an opportunity to bulk up my upper elementary RA skills. So, I want to finish that, which will involve a lot of juvenile non-fiction reading (I have…thoughts about what kind of reading we’re valuing when we create these challenges).

* Finish a couple of read-throughs, namely CJ Cherryh, Gillian Bradshaw, and Elizabeth Bear. (I just read all of Andrea K. Höst’s backlist, so that’s done!) (I figured out how to add the umlaut! hurrah!)

* Read at least 12 non-fiction books. This shouldn’t be hard if I pay attention, but I read very few last year.

* Read at least 12 ILL books. I have a bunch clogging up my TBR list and I just need to go through and request them.

* Read at least 20 diverse books. Probably the most important one on this list. The others are just for personal satisfaction; this one I need to do and will be disappointed in myself if I don’t. Again, this shouldn’t be hard. Based on my TBR alone, I should meet it easily, and there have been some great lists to look at if I need to.

* Re-read and write up posts for Ellis Peters’s Felse books and Patricia McKillip.

* Read Django Wexler’s books. JUST DO IT ALREADY.

* Read at least 12 books that have been languishing on my TBR for 3 years or more. I just went through and marked them off.

So–there are some goals, which seem in the rush of January excitement to be quite doable. Do you all set reading goals?