Saturday Reflection: 9.18.2021

A mug of coffee with a frothy top sitting on a wooden table

Hello, friends! I thought I might try out a new thing here, namely an occasional Saturday post that’s a space to share what we’ve been reading and thinking about this week. I’m drinking a fancy homemade coffee (a milk frother is truly a wonderful invention) and I’m about to start a groupwatch of Nirvana in Fire.

I’m almost finished rereading Diplomatic Immunity by Lois McMaster Bujold. I had, uh, forgotten that the plot involves a deadly microbe. This bit struck me as a little too resonant in September 2021:

He suppressed his unstrung urge to explain to them Bel’s superior right, by old valor and love, to survive. Futile. He might as well rail at the microbes themselves. Even the Cetagandans had not yet devised a weapon that triaged for virtue before slaughtering its victims.


I’m in a bit of a rereading mood at the moment. I was just talking to my friend Kate (hi Kate!) about how the return of fall makes us want to pick up familiar books. I often try to read some Tam Lin retellings in September and October, so I’m trying to decide which one I should go for first. Or should I buck tradition altogether and read The Girls at the Kingfisher Club on the grounds that it’s been too long?

Fall also means folk rock around here. I’ve been listening to a lot of Steeleye Span in the car. I have to be in a truly majestically bad mood to resist the charms of Cam Ye O’er Frae France. Offa Rex, Pentangle, and Fairport Convention are also favorites.

My groupwatch is about to start (so excited!) so I’ll sign off for now, but please tell me all about what you’re reading and/or enjoying right now!