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What to read after Howl’s Moving Castle

howlA few days ago on Twitter, Sophie Brookover mentioned she was reading Howl’s Moving Castle and that it was her first Diana Wynne Jones book ever. I, being the DWJ fan that I am, promptly offered to give her a list of suggestions for what to read next.

This list is naturally fairly subjective. I like some DWJ books better than others. I have read some DWJ books more often than others. I’m sure there are some I’ve missed, and others that I’ve semi-purposefully forgotten. Feel free to add your favorites in the comments!

Of course, the natural place to start is with Howl’s two sequels, Castle in the Air and House of Many Ways. However, neither of these are–in my opinion–as strong as Howl, nor do they feature enough of Howl and Sophie. I did enjoy House of Many Ways quite a bit.

If you like HMC for the wacky hijinks:
Archer’s Goon (my review)
Chrestomanci (starting with Charmed Life)
Deep Secret
The Merlin Conspiracy
Dark Lord of Derkholm (my review)

If you like HMC for the fairy tale retelling elements:
Fire and Hemlock (my review)
Hexwood (my review)
Eight Days of Luke

If you like HMC for Sophie:
Deep Secret
Fire and Hemlock (my review)
The Spellcoats (my review)

If you want something with some epic scope:
The Dalemark Quartet (my review part one and part two)
Homeward Bounders

If you want to possibly cry a lot:
Homeward Bounders
The Crown of Dalemark (my review)

And, of course, there’s the Diana Wynne Jones page I put together here.

I hope this is helpful for Sophie, and anyone else who thinks they might love Diana Wynne Jones but isn’t sure where to start!