Monday Moment

A unidentified weed growing in a garden bed

(A Monday Moment is when I meant to do a Sunday Snapshot and ran out of time)

I semi-participated in my first Readathon event on Saturday! I ended up stopping earlier than I meant to and didn’t keep up with the posts, etc. But it was really good to have a more focused time for reading and engaging with other readers and I’m hoping that my schedule will line up again soon.

What I’m reading

Right now I’m still working on Arkady Martine’s A Memory Called Empire which I am liking a lot but in a more intellectual vs emotional way. I’m curious to see if/when that shifts. I haven’t quite decided what to read after that, partly because I picked up 12 (twelve!) holds from the library Saturday. Too many options!

What I’m doing

As seen above, gardening has started. We planted a few seeds before we went on vacation and now I’m waiting to see if they come up or if we need to replant (it might have been a bit too early? we’re still new at this). We have a plot in some friends’ garden for the second year, which is a nice way to have a garden while we’re still renting.

What I’m thinking about

This Twitter thread about Captain Marvel’s arc and why some dudes are Not Getting It is exactly why I loved the movie.

I’ve seen some amorphous discussions about trigger warnings and how we process trauma through making and consuming art in the last few days. I’m thinking about them and reading along but not saying much. It’s a multi-faceted subject, but I suppose my ultimate sense is that, despite their flaws, trigger warnings do have an important function and–even if they’re not very useful for you–being dismissive of that isn’t great.