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What I read: week 5

A long and terrible commute due to construction really cut into my energy and reading time this week. I only finished one book, Sandhya Menon’s latest release, There’s Something About SweetieI’ve liked Menon’s books a ton–they’re perfect light YA romcoms–but this one didn’t work quite as well for me. The plot felt a little forced and the characters weren’t quite coherent. Disappointing, but I’ll still try her next book.

I started listening to the audiobook of All Things Wise and Wonderful by James Herriot. While I have a lot of nostalgic affection for the Herriot series, and have enjoyed the audiobooks in the past (they’re narrated by Christopher Timothy who played Herriot in the BBC adaptation), All Things Wise & Wonderful has never been my favorite in the series. I chose it because it was the one available. But it has still been a soothing soundtrack to the hours and hours spent driving last week. (I’ll get over it someday maybe.)