What I read: November 2017

My favorites of the month were:

  • The Stone Sky
  • Patina
  • The Tiger’s Daughter
  • Jonesy

I had a bit of a reading explosion right after the wedding, but since then I’ve been sick for weeks and struggling to focus on reading at all. So we’ll see how this month shapes up.


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3 responses to “What I read: November 2017

  1. oh I am sorry that you have been sick! Lord bless you and have mercy!!!

  2. Everyone’s sick! I feel like I am barely clinging on to health by the skin of my teeth while all around me people fall victim to the plague. HANG IN THERE MAUREEN. You are a beautiful land mermaid.

  3. Oooo, Tiger’s Daughter! That one’s been on my list for a while!

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