White rabbiting my way through 2017

I am so behind on everything, especially blogging. I don’t want to write yet another post about all my blogging guilt, because it is what it is at this point. My previous schedule was getting hard to stick to even before last November, and a combination of happy personal events and horrifying political events have made reading and writing here more difficult.

My current intent is to try to have two posts a week up here, but–happy news alert!–I’m getting married in November, so we’ll see how long that intent holds up under the strain of wedding preparations. (Probably most of you have heard that news one way or another in a different venue, but anyway, yes! Here’s a photo.)

July has been a very quiet reading month for me, largely because my mom and fiance’ were both in town, but also because I’ve been in a bit of a slump. Last night I sat down and did some dedicated reading and it was pretty great!

Anyway, hopefully more here soon!




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6 responses to “White rabbiting my way through 2017

  1. I have given up feeling guilty about not being able to blog. I’ll just blog whenever I can!

    Again, CONGRATULATIONS on your upcoming wedding. 😀 I really wish I could go! Will just have to settle for waiting for updates from afar.


    I am in a big reading slump so I anticipate some corresponding blogging slump in the near future, because I won’t have read any new books to talk about. It is sad for future me and also sad for present me because I love reading and none of the books are pleasing me. 😡

    • Maureen Eichner

      I’m somehow in both a reading slump and a blogging slump? I have a backlog I could review but….ehhhhhhhghhhh.

      (There is definitely a mental health factor at work in my situation which will hopefully get better soon!)

  3. alinaccl

    Congratulations!! What a great month to get married in (I got married in November too, different season here though). I don’t envy you the wedding prep but it’s an exciting time, I’m so pleased for you! ❤

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