Currently reading: 1-19-2017

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This stack of books is already out of date–I finished Pilgrim at Tinker Creek yesterday and am still processing my final reaction to it. I’m trying to be more organized about my reading this year, and only read one book at a time. So far I’m sticking to it, but reading patterns come and go and it’s likely that halfway through the year I’ll be happily in the middle of five books at once and bouncing back and forth.

But at the moment, I have one non-fiction, one adult fiction, one YA, one middle grade, and one reread in my active stack. Except that Binti is so short that I have two adult fiction in this stack. Both SF–it’ll be interesting to compare the two. I started Dark Orbit a while back–in December, maybe?–when I was on a lunch break with nothing to read. It’s an engaging mystery, though it’s really just getting started at the point I’ve reached. Binti I have literally heard nothing but good things about, and I have to catch up with Okorafor’s backlist. (So excited for Akata Warrior!)

I have also started A Little Taste of Poison before I needed to prioritize some other library books that were due back. I’m expecting to enjoy it a lot–RJ Anderson is both a favorite author and a friend, and we like many of the same books. Including, of course, the Sayers that were mild inspirations for both this one and last year’s Pocket Full of Murder.

Ancillary Mercy is a dearly beloved reread. I wanted to come back and pick up the rest of the trilogy after I reread Ancillary Justice last year and gave R. a copy of the first one for Nativity. Also, in some ways I think Ancillary Mercy is my favorite? But I’ll just have to reread them all to find out for sure.

We Are the Ants was a Cybils-nominated title that I heard good things about but never got to. I have not even opened it yet, so I have no idea what my reaction will be!

Up next on the non-fiction front: The Spy Who Loved, which is a biography of SOE agent Christine Granville, a subject almost guaranteed to make me burst into tears at least once.



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3 responses to “Currently reading: 1-19-2017

  1. Looks like your reading is off to a good start this year!

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