Links: 9-28-2016

What was Thor doing during Civil War? (I love this.)

At night, when I walk alone, I carry a makeshift weapon“: True and devastating

I made something! And I’m happy with it.

Really great guest post at Stacked Books about mental health and teens of color.

Both the BBC and The Guardian have produced some really important pieces on race in the US. Not sure what that says about US journalism, but here we are: “Too black, too strong

Gene Luen Yang was named a MacArthur genius! Also Claudia Rankine! It’s a pretty exciting list.

Also pretty exciting: the Kirkus prize finalists for 2016. Meg Medina, Sherman Alexie, Ashley Bryan, Jason Reynolds, Traci Chee–it’s a really diverse and interesting selection.

Someone from the UK needs to get me these stamps (I MEAN).




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3 responses to “Links: 9-28-2016

  1. You send me over the USPS Star Trek anniversary stamps, and I’ll send you over the RM Agatha Christie ones. Deal? 😉

  2. I love the thing you made! I can’t draw or make any kind of visual art, and it’s always disappointing to me that I can’t. Maybe in my next life!

    Those Agatha Christie stamps are so great. When I first saw them, I thought that they were American stamps, and I was planning to go to the post office and buy like 20 books of them so that I would never, ever run out. What a great kind of stamp to have tons and tons and tons of. (I guess they’d be sort of wasted — I mostly only use stamps when I’m mailing my monthly rent checks to my landlord, soooooo.)

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