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night watchWhat I should be doing is rereading Night Watch and crying.

Actually, I’m rereading A Tangled Web by L.M. Montgomery, which occasionally makes me want to cry for different reasons. (Peter Penhallow is so awful.) I somehow lucked into being part of a librarian Montgomery book club which has been a highlight of the past month.

I’m also reading Gillian Bradshaw’s Horses of Heaven, which is one of the the last Bradshaw books I haven’t read. I’m finding it a bit slow, without the clarity of character & time that her best books give.

And I started Scarlett Epstein Hates It Here on my lunch break yesterday. As I tweeted, this was a horrible mistake as all I want to do is keep reading it. I’m liking it as a portrayal of fan culture, as a look at a character who’s trying to be feminist and not always succeeding, and as a story with a strong friendship between girls. There are aspects that seem somewhat annoying, but I suspect that they will be addressed.

(Would I feel that same way if some other readers I trust hadn’t liked this one? Not sure, and definitely something I’m thinking about.)


By Maureen LaFerney

My name is Maureen. I currently work as a library assistant in a public library in the Indianapolis area, and also just so happen to be a voracious reader. I frequently end up under a cat.

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❤ ❤ I went with lilac-wearing instead, not having my act together book-wise.

Horses of Heaven is absolutely my least-favorite Bradshaw. I tried rereading a year or so ago and didn’t bother finishing. I think part of the problem is that the narrator is not terribly active in the overarching story, which is very unusual for Bradshaw protagonists–they may not be Saving the Empire but at least they’re doing SOMETHING. It also just seems to plod. Interested in your final thoughts and if I should have pushed through!

– ninjaeyecandy on Tumblr

Yeah, I ended up putting it down. 😦 I love 90% of her books A LOT, but there was just something missing from that one.

I think it is funny that all I saw when I came to your blog was rereading Night Watch and I was thinking the Sarah Waters book. lol I guess that is ‘THE’ Night Watch, though… I am doing much better with reading Pratchett’s back list this year than other years I have wanted to, but I have never read Night Watch. Guess I should!

I have read the Sarah Waters book as well! (and liked it) Night Watch is one of my favorite Pratchett books–it’s in the City Watch series, which I like anyway, and is one of his most carefully crafted/emotional/heartwrenching books.

Ah, yeah, there are some genuinely troubling aspects of A Tangled Web — actually there aren’t a whole lot of plotlines I feel good about AT ALL, now that I am thinking about it. I remain fond of it, but it’s not one of the lesser-known LM Montgomery books that I’m prone to pushing on people with the zeal of an evangelist. I believe it even uses the n-word at one point? NOT GREAT, BOB.

HAHAHAHAH, yes. There are for sure a ton of issues, and mostly the redeeming factor of this reread has been how often my fellow readers & I have been using the knife emoji. There are bits & pieces I enjoy (notably Aunt Becky), but overall, yeahhhh.

And yes–it’s the last line of the book and is racist garbage.

Nick Martin! I didn’t know you were a Pratchett fan–but I don’t think I had read any of his books in college, so it probably never came up.

Tangled Web I’ve only read twice; it’s my least favorite. I am thinking of re-reading Along the Shore, because I like the story where the main character collects sea weed, and I just saw a print of various seaweeds. Why don’t people do seaweed collecting any more?

And yes, the lilacs are blooming….and someone donated a copy of Making Money,one of the TPs I didn’t have a copy of, to the library booksale and I found it when I was sorting today in my hot and miserable library closet of hell and it came home with me.

I haven’t read Along the Shore for ages–I’m sure my copy is in Oregon still. (My Montgomery collection was pretty dang close to complete.) But I would collect seaweed if I were anywhere near any coastline whatsoever.

You know, I still haven’t read Making Money, but I’ve heard it’s fun!

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