Links from around the web: 3-23-2016

Laurie is a Nice Guy™. Yes. YES. “The story of Laurie and Jo is not, as I had previously remembered, one of Jo seeming like she loves Laurie and making an out-of-left-field decision. It is very much in the field!  Jo consistently indicates that she does not have feelings for Laurie, does not want him to flirt with her, and tries to prevent him from doing so every time he flirts with her. And he ignores her, again and again.” (via Brandy)

The Carnegie/Greenaway shortlists are out! It’s nice to see some favorite authors recognized. (via Leila)

A wonderful, in depth look at the complexities of “The World Was Wide Enough”: “Because kindness, in Hamilton, is always deserving of our awe and respect.  Hamilton’s “non-stop” series of accomplishments is wonderful to behold, but the one thing we’re really asked if we can even imagine is Eliza offering him forgiveness.  When Hamilton chooses to aim for the sky, he doesn’t throw away his shot, he takes stock of everyone he’s loved, and everyone he’s lost, and everything he’s done, and seizes the opportunity–to be kind.  To make peace.”

I have a lot of feelings about this Civil War II teaser image and they are NO. NO. NO. (via The Book Smugglers)

Last year I loved Sorcerer to the Crown and I haven’t seen enough fanart from it. So this amazing Prunella made me really happy!

Also something I like: this fancast of Jane Eyre.

I’m not sure if I like weird animals, strictly speaking, but they are certainly fascinating!

By Maureen LaFerney

My name is Maureen. I currently work as a library assistant in a public library in the Indianapolis area, and also just so happen to be a voracious reader. I frequently end up under a cat.

3 replies on “Links from around the web: 3-23-2016”

I have so many thoughts about the Laurie & Jo piece; I know only enough about late-19th-century children’s literature to be dangerous, but I feel like part of it is that the tropes say they should be together, so subverting that felt to my young self like it violated some kind of genre contract that may never have been in place to begin with. (But my internal trope compass was hardwired by the Anne books, which started 20 years later, so…)

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