Top Ten Tuesday: Historical & futuristic settings

This is a post for Top Ten Tuesday, hosted at The Broke and the Bookish. You can find out more and follow along there!

I’ve divided my list up into a couple different categories this week! Also, I’m thinking primarily of YA with these; there may be a ton of adult books out there that I’m not as aware of.

Historical settings I love

  • The Victorian era: I know there’s SO MUCH historical fiction set in this era, but I want more. Especially books that come at it a little sideways, that look at people and stories that usually aren’t told.
  • Elizabethan/Baroque: This was a time of such huge change and innovation that it lends itself to some great historical fiction. As with the Victorian era, I’d love to see more books that look at marginalized stories.
  • WWII: Because WWII was such a huge, complex event, there are thousands of stories still waiting to be told, and I want all of them. I’m not very interested in the military aspect, but I am especially interested in the experiences of women of all kinds.
  • Roman Britain: Rosemary Sutcliff is probably about 90% responsible for this (Gillian Bradshaw is probably the other 10%), but I want it.

Historical settings I want to read more of*
*Accurate, respectful portrayals only

  • Medieval Russia: I have read a number of books set in Russia, and I don’t usually like them (see: accurate, respectful portrayals). But Medieval Russian history is kind of wild, and I think a really good, well researched book set then would be amazing.
  • Europe during the 1840s revolutions: This was such a tumultuous time and I’d be so curious to see what a really great YA set during this era could do with it.
  • The Great Migration: This is such an important period in US history, but it often gets skipped over. I’d love to have some amazing stories dealing with it.
  • Cold War Era Germany: I’ve heard some stories from friends of my godparents that are really hair-raising. I know there have been a few YA books coming out about this point in time, but I’d really like to see more.
  • The Georgian era: I’ve been really enjoying Sarah Zettel’s Palace of Spies series and I’d really like to see more books set in this time period, which had a lot going on historically and character-wise.

Futuristic settings

I actually only have one here: all kinds of societies that aren’t based on modern white Western patterns. Why does so much SF assume that today’s US society is automatically going to be the model for all future worlds? Our world right now is so diverse; extrapolate from that.



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5 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Historical & futuristic settings

  1. Yes to your futuristic setting! That’s one of the reasons why I love Andrea K. Host’s sci fi novels. From your list, I think I’d be the most curious about medieval Russia.

  2. Totally agree there should be more dystopic settings that aren’t simply the US!
    My TTT:

  3. Cold War era Germany is a good one! Have you seen Deutschland83? It’s a new drama about spies set during the 80s in Germany. It’s available on Hulu. If you like this era you should definitely check it out. Georgian era is interesting true. I haven’t read the Palace of Spies series yet.

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