Links from around the web: 1-27-2016

Starting off with the really important stuff: the results of Lee & Low’s Diversity Baseline Survey are out and they are not surprising but sobering nonetheless. (If you are surprised by them, I suspect you haven’t been paying a lot of attention.)


This post from Liz Bourke is really thoughtful and powerful, especially this bit:

You think hunger is too extreme a metaphor for artistic representation? Perhaps it is. But food feeds the body, and art feeds the soul. (Or imagination, or spirit.) Artistic under-representation is a kind of imaginative malnutrition: there’s just enough to keep you hoping, and never quite enough to satisfy.

Really enjoyed Brandy’s Top Ten Tuesday topic on Spies and Sneaky Times from yesterday. So many of my favorite books are there!

This Howl’s Moving Castle (movie) cosplay, ahhhhhh!!

I really liked this post on the history and current meaning (and issues with cultural commentary on) Mary Sues, via The Book Smugglers. Good stuff that has me rethinking how I talk about this trope.

Hamilton valentines? Yes please!

Star Wars has taken over my Tumblr: I laughed; I cried; I melted; I laughed, part 2; I want my jacket back

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