Links from around the web: 12-9-15

This picture book looks incredibly fun & adorable. Out next fall!

Two thoughtful posts from Kelly Jensen: a letter to Time Magazine and “Do We Honor Girls’ Stories: The Double Standard of YA Lit

ALERT Hamilton fans, there is a picture book about A.Ham and A. Burr which would make a perfect gift for the young fans of any household.

ALSO HAMILTON is coming to Chicago ahhhhhhhhh.

You can find out which All-of-a-Kind Family member you most resemble. (I got Sarah, which I like.)

This art with a bunch of gorgeous teacups is soothing to my soul.

My Anne/Gilbert heart can’t handle this gifset, like, at all.

If you tend to be an over-apologizer (which I do), the concept of saying thank you instead of sorry is pretty amazing. (Disclaimer that obviously there are times when apologies are right & necessary.)

THIS ART. I want to write a story about her.

Indeed, this is the dream life, so why is it impossible?



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7 responses to “Links from around the web: 12-9-15

  1. The books and tea artwork is available as a shirt or tote bag in Society6: It’s one of the designs on my wishlist.

  2. I got Sarah, too! Of course.

    I love the thank you / sorry post, even though I’m not a chronic apologizer.

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