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Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite quotations

This is a post for Top Ten Tuesday, hosted at The Broke and the Bookish. You can find out more and follow along there!

I realized that part of what I use my Tumblr for is marking down lines I like while reading, much in the way that I used to keep notebooks full of quotations. Here are a few I’ve liked recently.

“Harriet! I’ve never met anyone called Harriet in real life. I had a brief fantasy about her being Harriet Vane, because she’d be about the right age for that, except that Harriet Vane would be addressed as Lady Peter, and anyway she’s fictional. I can tell the difference, really I can.”  —Among Others, Jo Walton

“Rainwater and skin and bones, the grey sea and the shore upon which it breaks, mountains and snow and Dorian Gray: all of it, quilted out of the hearts of stars.”–About a Girl, Sarah McCarry

“Omelets can take a thousand forms. They can’t, though, very well be made with a single egg: they are good made with two eggs, and at their very best made with three. Two eggs in the morning is a hearty breakfast, but three is an orgy.” –Tamar Adler, An Everlasting Meal

“Mitt did not quite forget his perfect land. He remembered it, though a little fuzzily, the next time the wind dropped, but he did not set off to look for it again. It was plain to him that soldiers only brought you back again if you went. It made him sad. When an inkling of it came to him in silence, or in scents, or, later, if the wind hummed a certain note, or a storm came shouting in from the sea and he caught the same note in the midst of its noise, he thought of his lost perfect place and felt for a moment as if his heart would break.” —Drowned Ammet by Diana Wynne Jones

“Women geniuses don’t get coddled…so they learn not to expect it.” –Dorothy Sayers, Strong Poison

“I guess you could call me a late bloomer, but that implies that we’re all on some predetermined blooming schedule, that there’s a right or a wrong way to be sixteen and in love with a boy.” —P.S. I Still Love You, by Jenny Han

“I am only myself, muscle and bone, stubborn and jealous and sometimes too mean, selfish and in love.” —All Our Pretty Songs by Sarah McCarry

“The family economy evades calculation in the gross planetary product. It’s the only deal I know where, when you give more than you get, you aren’t bankrupted–but rather, vastly enriched.” –Cordelia Vorkosigan speaking in A Civil Campaign by Lois McMaster Bujold

“Eugenides looked up at her, and Attolia felt transparent, as if her mask were gone, as if he could see her heart and know that a moment before it had been stopped by grief.” —Queen of Attolia, Megan Whalen Turner (could just quote this entire book)

“And this, even more wonderful and mysterious, is also true: when I read it, when I read what Julie’s written, she is instantly alive again, whole and undamaged. With her words in my mind while I’m reading, she is as real as I am. Gloriously daft, drop-dead charming, full of bookish nonsense and foul language, brave and generous. She’s right here. Afraid and exhausted, alone, but fighting. Flying in silver moonlight in a plane that can’t be landed, stuck in the climb – alive, alive, ALIVE.” –Elizabeth Wein, Code Name Verity

By Maureen LaFerney

My name is Maureen. I currently work as a library assistant in a public library in the Indianapolis area, and also just so happen to be a voracious reader. I frequently end up under a cat.

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