Made and Making: October 2015

I am posting this late on a Friday evening, which is just about the deadest of times on the Internet. Nevertheless, if I don’t put it up now, I don’t think I ever will, and that would be a pity (at least from my point of view, wrt documenting the things I make).

This month has been a fun crafting month. I am still plodding away on my Wheatsheaves sweater–well, not plodding. Elizabeth McCarten does a lovely job designing her patterns and I’ve enjoyed knitting it. It’s just that I’ve reached the second sleeve and second sleeves are always tedious for me.

But I also made a display at work that took a LOT of time, but that I’m incredibly pleased with. It’s a sort of Brambly Hedge-inspired autumn display, done in watercolor and colored pencil. As a piece of art that I made, it’s near the top of my favorite things ever. (I struggled to take photos of it that weren’t super blurry.)

brambly hedge display 1brambly hedge display 2

I also made, for myself, a kind of floral collage out of colored paper. It’s adhered onto a black background. I’m not quite sure where I want to put it, but I’m thinking maybe my bedroom, where my desired aesthetic is Elven retreat/fairy forest. I’m fairly happy with it, except that if/when I make another, I think I’ll use more brightly colored paper, so that it pops even more against the background.


I also did some cooking! These are highlights rather than an exhaustive list:


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5 responses to “Made and Making: October 2015

  1. These artwork look great! I bet you had fun making them. I need to have more art in my life but I’m very lazy when it comes to doing something about it. LOL.

    • Maureen Eichner

      Thanks, Chachic! Yes, they were fun to make–I kind of go through moods where I’m more or less interested in making things.

  2. Beautiful artwork! How lovely to be able to do that. I’m working on a sweater too and I know what you mean about second sleeves. I can’t wait to get through it so I can start the next sweater. 🙂

    • Maureen Eichner

      Yeah, I’m knitting a shawl after this and I’m really excited but even that isn’t enough to get me through, I guess!

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