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October 2015 round up

Books I’ve already talked about
A History of Glitter and Blood by Hannah Moskowitz
Court of Fives by Kate Elliott
Razorhurst by Justine Larbalestier

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell
Rebel Mechanics by Shanna Swendson
The Game of Love and Death by Martha Brockenbrough

Ancillary Mercy by Ann Leckie
The Shadow Behind the Stars by Rebecca Hahn
The Privilege of the Sword by Ellen Kushner

Other books
The Sleeping Partner by Madeleine E. Robins: The third (and last?) in the Sarah Temperance series. I really liked all three of these, although perhaps the first one a bit more than the second two. I was hoping for a slightly stronger resolution here, but the story that we got is great.

The Shepherd’s Crown by Terry Pratchett: The last Tiffany Aching book, which just typing that makes me want to cry. There were many, many tears shed over this book, which was a perfect leave-taking for Tiffany and Pratchett himself. Even the dedication made me cry. Tiffany was my entrance into Pratchett’s books, so it seems extra-special to say good-bye to him with this one.

Arsenic for Tea by Robin Stevens: The second Wells & Wong book, which I loved just as much as the first. These books are a great combination of enjoyable and thoughtful, as Hazel reflects on her friendship with Daisy and her own place in England. I bought this one from the UK because I’m impatient and am strongly considering doing the same thing with the third book.

Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy: I loved this one! It’s been getting a fair amount of buzz and praise, as well it should. Willowdean is a great character, and the story is the perfect combination of thoughtful and fun.

Dirty Wings by Sarah McCarry: I had been meaning to read this one since last year and when the third book in the trilogy was nominated for the Cybils, I knew I just had to do it. McCarry’s prose is marvelous, and while I often felt somewhat impatient with Maia, I also felt like she was a real person making real decisions.

Shadows of Sherwood by Kekla Magoon: A futuristic middle grade retelling of Robin Hood–I liked the way Magoon wrote a new story while also including nods to the original. Robyn is a fun heroine, and I think this is one middle grade readers will really love.

Prairie Fire by EK Johnston: Cybils book. Sequel to The Story of Owen, from last year. As with that one, this is a quiet book that builds to a really emotional climax. Which is to say: I cried. I loved the way Siobhan looks at the world, and I think her character is really nicely developed in this one.

About a Girl by Sarah McCarry: Cybils book. Third in the trilogy starting with All Our Pretty Songs. I think this might be my favorite book in the series, and I think all three are very strong. I loved Tally and her way of looking at the world, her strength and impatience. McCarry does a great job showing her metamorphosis via voice here, and the prose in the book is just gorgeous.

Dove Arising by Karen Bao: Cybils book. This is a very solid YA SF book, set in a base on the Moon. There’s some nice diversity (I personally read Phaet as non-neurotypical and both she and the people she encounters come from a variety of Earth cultures) and the story is engaging.

The Girl at Midnight by Melissa Grey: Cybils book. I think the strength of this is the set-up, and the plot which is fast-moving. I liked it more than I think I might have in a different mood, but I enjoyed the way the conflict played out.

Medicus by Ruth Downie: I’m not actually entirely sure if I liked this book, but it was just what needed for a day when I felt awful and just wanted to lie on the couch and read.

Captain Marvel: Down by Kelly Sue DeConnick
Material Girls by Elaine Dimopolous: Cybils book
Daughter Unto Devils by Amy Lukavics: Cybils book
Silver in the Blood by Jessica Day George: Cybils book
Daughter of Mystery by Heather Rose Jones

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By Maureen LaFerney

My name is Maureen. I currently work as a library assistant in a public library in the Indianapolis area, and also just so happen to be a voracious reader. I frequently end up under a cat.

6 replies on “October 2015 round up”

Ah, good to know! I have the second one out, but I need to read a few Cybils books, so that’s my first priority.

I saw The Shepherd’s Crown at the library today and just stood in front of it for a few moments, trying not to cry. When I finally picked it up, I couldn’t bring myself to put it in the library bag with the rest of my books, but carried it in my hands until I checked out.

I honestly am not sure if I’ll be able to read it, or if I’ll just stare at it with a lump in my throat for the next three weeks.

Yes, definitely! It’s always fun to find books I wouldn’t necessarily have read otherwise.

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