Links from around the web: 10-28-15

I haven’t done a links post in a few weeks OVER A MONTH, so let’s see if I remember how!

I would like to live in this perfect encapsulation of autumn melancholy please and thank you.

Someone linked to this poem somewhere, and I found liked it quite a lot. Sadly, I can’t remember who it was, or even what the context was.

HAMILTON! I have become fairly obsessed with this hiphop/r&b musical about an obscure Founding Father, which is not a thing I ever expected to say. But it’s so good! So many tears! The Schuyler sisters; Which Schuyler sister are you?; 21 steps to becoming obsessed with Hamilton; SO MANY TEARS; everything hurts; Rembert Browne does a great interview with Lin-Manuel Miranda

New Ann Leckie book coming in fall of 2017! Yes! Also, this is quite amusing.

Talking Piffle, a marvelous Tumblr dedicated to all things Lord Peter Wimsey, found Harriet’s wedding dress.

Kelly Jensen has a really powerful post up at To Write Love on Her Arms.

Indianapolis Public Library apparently started a lending library program (obviously modeled on the Little Free Libraries, but not affiliated–I felt like everyone was dancing around the term). The publicity for this hasn’t been great, since I barely heard about it, but the project itself is pretty cool.

ALL ABOUT ME TIME: I was quoted in an article about tweens & tween spaces in School Library Journal!

Also, I started a new project on Tumblr for people of faith who wear headcoverings some/all the time to share photos. I’m hoping to document it for myself, and also to get submissions from people of other religions and traditions. Here’s the About page.

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