#48hbc: Saturday morning

Reading time: 10.75 hours
Total books read: 7
Blogging/social media time: .75 hours

A Dragon’s Guide to the Care and Feeding of Humans by Laurence Yep: This is a cute mg fantasy from the point of view of a dragon who considers a family of humans her pets. It’s fine, although I found the ending a little too quicky and unconvincing.

Six Impossible Things by Fiona Wood: I loved Wood’s Wildlife when I read it and happily picked up Six Impossible Things at Midwinter. Wood is great at writing smart, slightly too pretentious teenage characters; so often this kind of character doesn’t ring true for me, but hers do. I strongly recommend reading Six Impossible Things first if at all possible, because Wildlife creates massive spoilers. I really liked Dan, who’s trying so hard to do the right thing.

Jackaby by William Ritter: A supernatural historical mystery. I think this one was kind of billed as a fantasy version of Sherlock Holmes and there’s definitely that overly-smart slightly contemptuous male detective thing going on. So, you know, if that annoys you, beware. But I definitely enjoyed Abigail’s voice and the mystery and world that was set up were intriguing.

I also listened to more of Endless Night while doing dishes. I thought I liked this one when I checked it out, but as I’m remembering the story, I’m not sure that’s actually true.

Now I’m off to run a few errands. More reading when I get back.


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