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Picture Book Monday: February 2015

I seem to have read remarkably few picture books this month, so in addition to the one (1!) that I have noted, I’ve gone back to look at a few favorite picture books from last year which I didn’t discuss at the time.

once upon an alphabetthe new small personblue on blue

The New Small Person by Lauren Child: This is a great one for the slightly reluctant older sibling. Elmore Green’s worry about not being the most important person in his parents’ lives anymore would resonate a lot with many kids. I’d also like to note that it’s a nice example of not defaulting to white.

Gaston by Kelly DiPucchio and Christian Robinson: I have noticed several books recently about a family with one child who doesn’t quite fit, and both this book and the next fall into the category. Gaston is a nice example of this, and I loved Christian Robinson’s illustrations, which are often hilarious.

The Crocodile Who Didn’t Like Water by Gemma Merino: As much as I enjoyed Gaston, The Crocodile Who Didn’t Like Water is even better, imo. Merino’s illustrations are marvelous and I loved the story quite a bit. I’m not sure exactly why I like the one a little better, since they’re both very strong.

Once Upon an Alphabet by Oliver Jeffers: Jeffers is one of those odd and lovely children’s book writers, who has an apparently endless invention. (His Stuck is my standard class visit read-aloud, and it is MARVELOUS.) Once Upon an Alphabet is a little older than some of his picture books–or at least it requires a slightly longer attention span. I loved the details and the way some of the stories loop back on each other.

Blue on Blue by Dianne White and Beth Krommes: When I was young, I loved Michael McCurdy’s illustrations, and Krommes’ charming scratchboard illustrations reminded me a lot of that. This is a nice sciencey picture book, with a nice rhythm to the text and a sense of wonder that I found very attractive.

Mr Bud Wears the Cone by Carter Goodrich: I have a weird soft spot for the Mr. Bud and Zorro books. I don’t know why, but I really enjoy them. This is another fun installment.

crocodilegastonmister bud

By Maureen LaFerney

My name is Maureen. I currently work as a library assistant in a public library in the Indianapolis area, and also just so happen to be a voracious reader. I frequently end up under a cat.

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