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2014: Non-fiction, blog series, and more

I’m finally starting to dig into books now, I promise.

everlasting mealTo be honest, this has not been a good year for me in terms of non-fiction. I didn’t read much, and I didn’t finish one of the most lauded books out there (Family Romanov by Candace Fleming). I’m going to try to balance this out a bit more in the coming year.

So, the only non-fiction book that even comes close to being a favorite is Tamar Adler’s An Everlasting Meal, which I read with great enjoyment. It’s not often that a book about food makes me laugh out loud or want to quote pages, but this is more a book of essays than a cookbook. Adler is not very interested in recipes, although there are some, but instead aims to lay out her principles of cooking. While she occasionally veers into “all-natural is the best”* territory, her voice is also clear and empowering in a way that left me feeling inspired rather than annoyed. I have felt much more free to cook the way I want to, with or without a recipe, with the ingredients that I have.

Blog series
Back in January, I put together a series of in-depth posts about Lois McMaster Bujold’s Vorkosigan Saga. It was a lot of fun to go back and look at these books, some of which I had read and re-read several times, and others I had only read once. I’d like to do this again with a few more authors at some point this year–I’m thinking maybe Ellis Peters and Patricia McKillip, but if you all have suggestions, I will take them! The posts from the Bujold Week series are:
Shards of Honor
Brothers in Arms
Mirror Dance

Other posts
There were also some other posts I wrote that I’m proud of, looking back at them:

– In February, I highlighted some fairy tales and retellings for Fairy Tale Day.
– By far the most popular post I wrote this year was “Maurice Sendak’s Little Bear” and the disappearance of Else Homelund Minarik
– While The Winner’s Curse was not my favorite book this year, I was happy with my review
– Chachic has put together some awesome blogging events over the past few years. She invited me to write a guest post for her Laura Florand event this year, and this was the result. (There’s no title because I couldn’t think of one)
– I also put together a list of resources about Noor Inayat Khan and the SOE
– And finally, I wrote a personal post about my middle school library and its importance in my life

And to those of you who are celebrating Christmas today, Merry Christmas!

* It’s not that I disagree exactly, but these sorts of statements often come with a whole boatload of unexamined privilege

By Maureen LaFerney

My name is Maureen. I currently work as a library assistant in a public library in the Indianapolis area, and also just so happen to be a voracious reader. I frequently end up under a cat.

3 replies on “2014: Non-fiction, blog series, and more”

I would love to read more posts on Ellis Peters and Patricia McKillip! But especially Ellis Peters, because I’ve only read a couple of her Felse books so far.

I love the Felse books! And am not at all a fan of the Cadfael books, interestingly enough. We’ll see how things work out, but I’d definitely like to look at both authors.

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