Links from around the web: 12-22-14

– I truly enjoyed this article about Swallows & Amazons, which was of course my first fandom (I was a member of The Arthur Ransome Society and wrote a couple of articles for their newsletter). While the specifics are different, I definitely recognized the reasons for loving Ransome’s books. (via Charlotte)

– There are lots of things that can be said about Thanksgiving and its history, but this year I found that this article giving the Wampanoag history to be really thought-provoking.

– I have recently become fascinated by Frances Walsingham, who I discovered via a Wikipedia rabbit hole, and now want to find out everything about her.

Long but great article about the way different generations have re-imagined Shakespeare’s history plays. Palmer is particularly thoughtful in the way she looks at the effects of costuming and other background choices. (via Natalie Luhrs)

– I absolutely loved Liz Burns’s post on Princess Shaming. “Feminism and equality are not about “girls are as good as boys because boys are the gold standard.” It’s not about saying “being a CEO is better than being a stay at home parent with six kids, because men are CEOs and power and money.” It’s not just about choice. It’s about not saying that by default “boy” is better; “boy” is the norm; “boy” is the standard; “boy” is the default.”” HECK YES.

– I also loved Kelly Jensen’s post at Book Riot about the limitations of the Bechdel Test, and so much of the smart, thoughtful commentary on Twitter, especially this thread.

– This Old English version of Goodnight Moon is genuinely beautiful and haunting in the way Tolkien is at his best.

– 24 endangered European languages, which include Manx and Cornish (NOOOO!!) (via Liz Burns)

– put out a great list of standalone fantasy books, which includes some of my all time favorites. Goblin Emperor, Wheel of the Infinite, Swordspoint, Jonathan Strange.

– Speaking of Jonathan Strange, there have been some photos & trailers coming out from the upcoming miniseries. I am…cautiously optimistic.

– Queen’s Thief fannish stuff: this photoset; characters in terrible Christmas sweaters; fannish inevitability; fancast of Attolia that I REALLY like

– Dorothy Sayers fannish stuff: THIS QUOTE; photo of ivory chessmen like Harriet’s; Whiffling Around Britain

– Heidi Thomas, creator of Call the Midwives, is apparently writing a new show set in 1920s Kentucky. I AM THERE.



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