Library Display: The Hobbit

The last part of Peter Jackson’s adaptation of The Hobbit, The Battle of the Five Armies, came out yesterday. While it’s far from a perfect adaptation, I have enjoyed the movies. Last year I came up with a display to highlight some readalikes.
hobbit 2

For this one, I used the Ringbearer Font, since it’s one of the most recognizable and readable of the LotR related fonts*. It and many of the others are available through Arwen-Undomiel. And I used this image to go with it (I tried to find a source and completely failed!). I mounted it all on green construction paper and called it good.

hobbit 3

And here you can see some of the books I chose to go with it. I tried to include a variety, since I think there are different reasons to love The Hobbit. Some dragon books, some adventure, some epic fantasy.

* Yeah, my old Tolkien nerddom really had fun with this one!


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3 responses to “Library Display: The Hobbit

  1. Mimi

    Oh, that’s fabulous

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