Midwinter planning

I’m going to Midwinter this year! I’m really excited to be there, especially for the announcement of the Youth Media Awards. I’m lucky enough to have a library that is sending me.

I’ve just had a quick look around the schedule, and there may be sessions I missed or things that haven’t been added yet. I learned when I went to Annual a year ago that having a schedule but not being stuck to it is the way to go for me.

At this point, here are a few of the things I’m interested in:
Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers
Crossover Reader’s Advisory is relevant to my interests
20 Titles to Diversify Collection also relevant to my interests

Is anyone else going to Midwinter? (I know Brandy is, SO EXCITED!) What are you planning to do?



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4 responses to “Midwinter planning

  1. One of my favorite things last year (which I will be back to this year) is on Saturday afternoon when the YALSA teens give their opinions on the books nominated for the BFYA list (It’s from 1-2:30.) They say smart and funny things. I was planning on going to the Diversity one you mentioned too. (And of course I will be at the YMAs. Bright and early.

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