Favorite Authors: Gillian Bradshaw

I’m pretty picky about my historical fiction. It’s easy for a few wrong details or some jarring dialogue to jolt me out of the story. Fortunately, Gillian Bradshaw manages to combine thoroughly researched books, compelling characters, excellent dialogue, and fascinating stories and settings. While I don’t love all of her books equally, I’m struck by how well she manages to convey a feeling for time and place. When her books are at their best, they’re truly wonderful.

Favorite books by Gillian Bradshaw
1.The Beacon at Alexandria
2. Island of Ghosts
3. Imperial Purple
4. The Bearkeeper’s Daughter
5. Cleopatra’s Heir

All of my Gillian Bradshaw reviews
The Beacon at Alexandria(2013)
London in Chains (2013)
Island of Ghosts, and Hawk of May
Kingdom of Summer, briefly (2013)
The Bearkeeper’s Daughter, briefly (2014)
Imperial Purple, briefly (2014)
The Wolf Hunt (2014)
Alchemy of Fire (2014)
Cleopatra’s Heir, briefly (2014)
Render Unto Caesar, briefly (2014)


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8 responses to “Favorite Authors: Gillian Bradshaw

  1. 1. Beacon
    2. Island of Ghosts
    3. Cleopatra’s Heir
    4. The Sand-Reckoner
    5. Render Unto Caesar

    Her Archimedes inspired Lady Tehre. And her Narses inspired Beguchren. Oh, and the whole situation in Sand-Reckoner inspired the basic situation in The Floating Islands. So, yeah, I guess Bradshaw’s been an important influence for me!

  2. Maureen Eichner

    I haven’t read The Sand-Reckoner yet! But I’m guessing I’ll like it.

  3. Island of Ghosts was my introduction to Bradshaw. I found the gorgeous hardcover edition in a discount stack at B&N for $5, and I’ve felt indebted to B&N ever since. (Though I’ve never found another book of hers there, so: not THAT indebted.)

    My list would go:

    1. Island of Ghosts
    2. Beacon at Alexandria
    3. The Wolf Hunt
    4. Cleopatra’s Heir
    5. Beyond the North Wind

    • Maureen Eichner

      Rachel (hi Rachel!) was definitely my introduction, although it turns out my mom and sister had been reading her for years!

  4. Oh, I never read Beyond the North Wind. I think I’ll pop over to Amazon and pick it up.

    I bet Bradshaw could advertise Beacon and Island of Ghosts by saying something like: 97% of my readers put these in their top five of my books. Because so far we seem very consistent!

    • Maureen Eichner

      I haven’t read that one either! I’ve been focusing on her historical fiction and forgot she had written children’s books.

      Because they’re so good! 🙂

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