Why hello

I have sort of gotten over my reading slump, but I’ve been so focused on following the news from Ferguson that I haven’t really had the time or mental energy to read or write much here.

However, I will say that in the middle of a horrible few weeks, the Hugo Awards which were announced on Sunday made made quite happy. Not so much necessarily because of the specific awards given–although HUZZAH for Ancillary Justice and a double win for Kameron Hurley!–but because they seemed to be rewarding the kind of work and creators I think ought to be rewarded.

And I just finished Andrea Host’s Stray, having made a conscious decision to spend the morning actually reading a book (plus it is an ILL and due back on Friday). Great story, great characters. I’ll definitely have more to say about this one, hopefully soon.

Finally, I applied to be a judge for the Cybils again, and you can too! There’s more information here. I’ve been both a first and second round judge for the YA Fiction category and can definitely say that the experience has been challenging, but in the best and most rewarding sense.



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2 responses to “Why hello

  1. hang in there. remember that it is OK to not read the news; I have seen headlines about F. but have not followed them; sometimes at least for me it’s better to seek to be peaceful and pray than otherwise. much love!

    • Maureen Eichner

      In this case, I made a specific decision to bear witness, as best I could. But it’s still hard, sometimes. I’ve found the Akathist to the Joy of All Who Sorrow icon a great comfort recently.

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