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adventures of superhero girlAdventures of Superhero Girl by Faith Erin Hicks: I really enjoy Faith Erin Hicks’ work. Although Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong remains my favorite of her books to date, Adventures of Superhero Girl is a marvelous, wry take on the life of a superhero. Superhero Girl has a roommate and struggles with family life. She doesn’t have a tragic backstory and she suffers from comparisons to her older brother Kevin. All in all, great fun and my only complaint is that there’s not more.

biggest flirtsBiggest Flirts by Jennifer Echols: I’ve been a bit hit-or-miss with Echols’ most recent books, but definitely enjoyed Biggest Flirts, which starts off a new series. In some ways it felt like a very setting-up-the-series book, in the sense that it focused quite a bit on the other characters at the high school, but as usual I appreciated the fact that Echols depicts a wide variety of personal backgrounds, both cultural and socio-economic. And perhaps most importantly, I liked Will and Tia as a couple, and bought into their relationship.

those who hunt the nightThose Who Hunt the Night by Barbara Hambly: First in the James Asher series. Victorian professor/ex spy who is blackmailed into helping a vampire solve a series of murders. It sounds a bit weird, but it’s a lovely book, with characters who felt both of-their-time and fresh enough to hold modern sympathies. Hambly’s take on vampires is a cautious but sympathetic one; they are shown, perhaps more than in any other vampire book I can think of, as real people albeit not exactly human anymore. Hambly somehow prevents the plot from devolving into melodrama, which it easily could have. All in all, a great beginning to a series I definitely intend to finish.

alchemy of fireAlchemy of Fire by Gillian Bradshaw: I’m still reading through Gillian Bradshaw’s backlist. Alchemy of Fire takes place in 7th century Constantinople. While I liked the main characters, Bradshaw’s research shows a little more here than usual. There are lots of details about perfume making, and about the invention of the so-called Greek fire. Where the emphasis is usually on character development, here the weight of the details is a little too strong, I think.

landlineLandline by Rainbow Rowell: Oh, Landline. Oh, how I wanted to like you. But I didn’t. Partly, this read as much more adult literary fiction than Rowell’s other books, and I am not a huge fan of that genre. Partly, I never bought the present-day transformation, or the characters as real people versus quirky traits thrown together. So yeah–this one did not work for me. Guess I’ll just go re-read Fangirl.

By Maureen LaFerney

My name is Maureen. I currently work as a library assistant in a public library in the Indianapolis area, and also just so happen to be a voracious reader. I frequently end up under a cat.

7 replies on “Recent Reading”

Biggest Flirts was my first Echols book and I really loved it. Agree that it definitely sets up a lot for the next couple books. I have the e-galley for the next book and want to read it SO MUCH, but I try to read them in order of release as much as I can. In the meantime I read Major Crush (because I like how she portrayed marching band)-that’s actually my review for today. And I have Such a Rush checked out from the library and hope to get to it in the next week. I know both you and Chachic like that one.

Uh-oh regarding Landline. I’m trying to keep expectation in check. I’m on a ridiculously long wait list at library. But I liked her other adult novel best of all her books, so I really hoped this one would be good.

I’ve seen really mixed reactions to Landline, so hopefully you fall into the liking it camp!

Such a Rush is my favorite, and also Going Too Far. I haven’t read Major Crush yet, but I put it on hold after I read your review. 🙂

I’m surprised I hadn’t heard of the Hambly series before (though I did read some of her Star Wars novels, back when those were regular reads for me 🙂 ). It sounds like a great autumntime read – I’ll have to put it on my list for then!

Maureen, glad you enjoyed the first Ysidro book! Emera, if you liked Hamby’s Star Wars books — which I never read, I was never into Star Wars especially — but my favorite Star Trek book ever was Hambly’s ISHMAEL.

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