Getting organized

I don’t normally do major posts on Tumblr, but I did want to participate in the #Get Organized project this week and that seemed like the best place. So head on over to see how I keep track of the books I want to read.



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4 responses to “Getting organized

  1. (Commenting here as I don’t have a Tumblr account)… it’s a nifty system, and loving organization (and color coding!) as I do, I’m wondering… do you have a way of tracking how long something has been on your want-to-read list? Or do you not put something down until you think you’ll have time to read it? I really like the idea of tagging things in Feedly to come back to later!

    • Maureen Eichner

      I don’t keep track of that, although I imagine it would be fairly easy to add a column dedicated to that purpose. I always put new releases I want on hold as soon as they’re purchased, so those I take care of that way. Older titles I try to do alphabetically, although if something looks like a book I want to read right now, I’ll just go ahead and request it.

      While I still miss Google Reader (*quiet sobs*), Feedly is a decent replacement.

  2. And I forgot to add, do you prioritize? I’m not nearly so organized as you, but I think I might need a way to do so, as otherwise I find myself reading just what’s getting the most buzz recently, or what easiest to get.

    • Maureen Eichner

      I don’t prioritize, but I do try to make sure I’m requesting a few backlist titles at time (my goal is about 3 from each category) so I’m not reading all the new releases and nothing else.

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