Made and Making: Early 2014

It’s been a few months since I’ve managed to get a Made & Making post pulled together. Sigh. Life is busy.

– I made a hat for someone from church, Bramble Beret in black Patons Worsted. Unfortunately, the brim needs to be lengthened a bit and I keep forgetting to do it. This was a slightly difficult project because the black yarn made the blackberry stitch hard to see. I think–I hope!–all the stitches worked out. (My Ravelry notes)

– I also knit the Echo Flower Shawl, which is a lovely, lovely pattern. I used Knit Picks Shadow in a Vineyard Heather, which is a rich, deep red-purple. A very satisfying project.

– It must be the season of blankets, because I’m also knitting the Lover’s Knot Afghan for a coworker. It’s a big project, but not difficult, and I do love knitting cables. People are very impressed by them, but it’s simpler than it looks (take heart, new knitters!). Three-dimensional Celtic knotwork, which is something I really enjoyed doing in the past anyway. This project is temporarily on hold because wool in Indiana in July = misery.

– In general, I suffer from a severe desire to knit EVERYTHING. Ravelry does not help with this.

– I still haven’t really finished the BSJ from my last post. The problem is the sleeves, which need to be sewn up. I started a blanket stitch and that looked bunch and dreadful, but I haven’t figured out a better method. Nor have I felted that bag.

– I bought the yarn for my Rose Under Fire sweater, after my awesome friend Brigid bought the pattern for me as a housewarming gift. One of the yarns is called Hare Heather, which is almost too appropriate.

– I also started the Pretty (me) sweater in a bamboo/cotton mix, since that will be much better for summer knitting. It’s got a lovely sheen to it and is knitting up beautifully.

Thyme lemonade: love the combination of lemon and thyme, but even with the sugar reduced to a cup, it’s on the sweet side. Next time: reduce sugar further, or just add some thyme sprigs to my usual sliced lemon when I fill the water pitcher.

Salmon and Berry Salad: made this for dinner recently. Pretty much followed the recipe except I didn’t have any scallions, and I used 1/2 c blueberries and 1/4 c raspberries. Also topped with some homemade croutons.

– A cousous and chickpea dish that I made up: sauteed vegetables, added couscous and vegetable stock, 1/2 stick of cinnamon. Cooked until couscous was done and vegetables tender, added chickpeas. It was okay. If I made it again, I would sautee the vegetables longer, and maybe on a higher heat so they get seared a little, and add more spices.

– No-knead crusty bread: Used 2 c white, 1 c white whole wheat flour. So good; I want to try other breads, but I know this one will be a staple.

– Also made a couple of good white bean soups, one creamy white bean tomato soup from The Great Vegan Bean Book, the other a recipe of my own invention, with tomatoes, onion, red pepper, and garlic, plus lots of herbs.



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5 responses to “Made and Making: Early 2014

  1. So many pretty projects! Thank you for sharing!

  2. That salmon and berry salad looks good!

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