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Major security flaw in basically everything. So that’s mildly terrifying!

– I am in love with this sweater and I must knit it. Thinking this yarn in either Dragonfly or Luster.

– I very much liked Ana’s review of The Scorpio Races over at Things Mean a Lot. She really captures the depth and complexity of the story which is part of why I love it so much.

– Megan Whalen Turner is on Tumblr!

– This essay about the quiet women of history is amazing. I could quote the whole thing, but especially this: “Others, (in)curiously, are too meek, too goody-goody to be worth noting (they don’t fit the check-list of modern ideas of agency)…good wives and sisters and daughters, women who suffered and served. They make us uncomfortable, by fitting the social roles laid out for us too well. As male-dominated history judges us – not significant, not valuable, not important – so we judge other women from our collective pasts and consign them to continued silence. Women of the past must make us proud, and to do so, they must live up to our present-day needs. To justify ourselves, we need a history full of successes: we must answer the questions well – see our female Shakespeares…our female politicians…our musicians…and artists…and astronomers…We don’t have space for the silent or those who failed for whatever reason to shine. We can’t afford them, though histories worldwide are full of undistinguished men. For women, even now, only the best will do.”



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3 responses to “Links from Around the Web

  1. lovely sweater! to me the author of that history on woman essay is missing one thing that perhaps is not approved of anymore in academia: what if the women were content? happy? what if their ‘silence’ that seems so horrible is not always so horrible; I don’t mean the ones that are silenced as in abused (as she alludes to Byron) but those of us who will never be ‘famous’ or ‘known’ or remembered past a generation or so but who are blessed with a life that they love living…

    Just a thought… 🙂

    • Maureen Eichner

      Well, I agree with you, at least to a certain extent. But I do think that’s part of what the essay is talking about when she’s talk about women who didn’t necessarily have what we think of as agency, who were wives and daughters. Or perhaps I’m reading my own views into that. I think there’s a tendency in some circles (by no means all!) to always read women of the past as unhappy, which is very mistaken.

  2. Brigid

    I vote Dragonfly! I think it’d look especially lovely on you.

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