Links from around the web 1-5-14

Very interesting post about @HistoryinPics and similar accounts: “Feeds like @HistoryinPics make it impossible for anyone interested in a picture to find out more about it, to better understand what it is showing, and to assess its accuracy. As a teacher and as someone who works in a cultural heritage institution, I am deeply invested in the value of studying the past and of recognizing that the past is never neutral or transparent. We see the past through our own perspective and often put it to use for our own purposes. We don’t always need to trace history’s contours in order to enjoy a letter or a photograph, but they are there to be traced. These accounts capitalize on a notion that history is nothing more than superficial glimpses of some vaguely defined time before ours, one that exists for us to look at and exclaim over and move on from without worrying about what it means and whether it happened.” Great stuff! (via Melissa Wiley)

– Great reminder that the YMA awards are not the only ones out there! (via someone on Twitter)*

– I loved this post from Stefan Bachmann simply for this line: “But not all books can be kids books, and this is just a sad fact of life that one must be understanding about.”

– This is just a lovely post about being young and different, and one that resonated with me a lot. (via Melissa Wiley again)

– I read several pieces about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on his day, but none as thoughtful and hard-hititng as this.

– Shaun Tan has a wonderful short story up at The Guardian (via Emera)

– I’ve seen the first season of CBS’s “Elementary” and liked it quite a bit, so I found this article about what it does well in comparison to Sherlock very interesting.

– A couple of people on Facebook linked to these wonderful color photos of pre-Revolutionary Russia–unlike a lot of “History IN COLOR” photos, these are not colorized.

* I need to do a better job of favoriting the Tweets that catch my eye, so I can attribute them later on

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My name is Maureen. I currently work as a library assistant in a public library in the Indianapolis area, and also just so happen to be a voracious reader. I frequently end up under a cat.

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