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YMA thoughts and predictions

The Youth Media Awards will be announced on Monday, at ALA Midwinter. I’ll be watching at home (hopefully), and cheering or groaning as required. I thought I would do a post with predictions and what I’d like to win.

Coretta Scott King Award
I don’t feel very qualified to comment on this one, but I think it would be kind of neat to see March recognized.

Pura Belpre Award
Again, I don’t feel very qualified to comment on this one. I did like Yuyi Morales’ Nino Wrestles the World a lot.

Margaret A. Edwards Award
No ideas! I don’t have a sense of the criteria for this award and from the outside it seems to mostly be based on nostalgia. I mean, it’s not that I’m unhappy with the recent choices, but I don’t have a clear sense for why the award is given.

What I’d like to win: Journey by Aaron Becker, or If You Want to See a Whale by Julie Fogliano and Erin Stead
What I think will win: If you’re going by the Mock Caldecott results, Journey has a decent chance. I could also see Flora and the Flamingo getting some love

I have not done my Newbery reading this year. That said, I would be happy if Doll Bones was honored.

This is the award where I have definitely done the reading, and participated in discussions. My sense for this year is that there’s a fairly large disconnect between what I would like to be honored and what probably will be.
What I’d like to win: Sorrow’s Knot or Rose Under Fire. If Boxers & Saints, Mortal Fire, The Summer Prince, or September Girls got a nod, I would be happy with that
What I think will win: I could see September Girls winning for the sake of its sheer literariness. Alternatively, I think some people have a pretty strong reaction against it. I have several others I’m hoping don’t win.

By Maureen LaFerney

My name is Maureen. I currently work as a library assistant in a public library in the Indianapolis area, and also just so happen to be a voracious reader. I frequently end up under a cat.

4 replies on “YMA thoughts and predictions”

I don’t have Batchelder thoughts! Totoro is on my to-read list, but I haven’t managed to get a copy yet, so…

Your Printz list and mine look very similar except mine is way shorter because I didn’t do as much reading for that this year. (Mine will post tomorrow.) I did mention the same thing about certain books I don’t want to see win, but in the Newbery section.

I suspect if I had read more than about 3 mg books this year, I would have a similar reaction. 🙂

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