Top Ten Tuesday: Reading wish list

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This one was originally called “Things on my Reading List”, but the way I interpreted it didn’t quite work with that title. Here are the things I want:

1. Complex, interesting, flawed-but-awesome female characters, who exist in relationship to other people but who are not defined by them

2. More historical fantasy, of the awesome variety!

3. Stories that show all kinds of relationships with faith and religion and present those who are religious as real people, not stereotypes

4. Excellent, thought-provoking fairy tale retellings

5. More books featuring marginalized people in a thoughtful and authentic way, and relatedly, more authors from marginalized cultures being published and celebrated

6. Girls who are friends, and books where friendship is the most important relationship

7. Historical mysteries, a la Y.S. Lee’s Agency series

8. The fifth Attolia book

9. Books where romance is more than physical attraction

10. Books where the prose and story and characters work together to take my breath away


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24 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Reading wish list

  1. Yes. Amen to all of these.

  2. I could not agree more with #1. My relationship is solid but doesn’t define me and I happy outside of it. Why do all books about relationships always have girls who are miserable without their partner and have the relationship be rocky?

  3. Sign me up for more historical mysteries. They blend two of my favorite genres.

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  4. Yes to all these — but especially a fifth Attolia book!

  5. I agree with #9! Why don’t characters get to know each other before they fall in love?! It is quite astonishing that they actually believe in love at first sight in every single situation. When I read books and a male character is introduced, I immediately think, *boom* LOVE. I am strongly against Insta-Love.
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  6. 1. YES. I really want more female protagonists who stand on their own, who don’t rely on men to save them either physically or mentally.

    2. I love a good historical as long as it’s not set in medieval England.

  7. Amazing list! You’ve picked so many amazing things. I am all for more books that have characters falling for each other based on more than the way they look. I’m not one for the whole love at first sight thing – what if their personality sucks?

    My TTT 🙂

    • Maureen Eichner

      I know people who have fallen in love at first sight, so it can work. But in every book? And then it never progresses beyond “He/she is so beauuutifullll!”? Nope!

  8. That is one great wishlist!

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    Leydy @ OUaT & Redcarpetendings

  9. I wish, being a Helpful sort of person, that I could quickly whisk together a nice long ist of books just like what you want, including of course the 5th Attolia book. I can only think of one that I love that you might not have read, with a boy not a girl and it is medieval, so not perrfect, but still very good–The Crowfield Curse, by Pat Walsh.

    • Maureen Eichner

      I have read Crowfield Curse and liked it quite a lot! I don’t think I ever got around the reading the sequel though…

  10. Great list. I haven’t read a fairty tale retelling and I know of a few that are out there but none have caught my eye.

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    Doris @ OABR

    • Maureen Eichner

      If you like mg books, Merrie Haskell’s are great. And I’m hearing good things about Cruel Beauty, which is about to be released!

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