Links from around the web: 1-15-14

– There’s been an ongoing conversation about SFF eligibility lists that I’ve been only halfway paying attention to, but then I read Amal El-Mohtar’s post on the subject and it is brilliant. “No hand-wringing or tut-tutting about reading widely or behaving with dignity or integrity or what have you is going to end the practice of brash, confident people telling other people, often and obnoxiously, to vote for them. But, crucially, the hand-wringing and tut-tutting does have an effect: it discourages the people who already feel silenced and uncomfortable from ever talking about or taking pride in their achievements.” Jenny, of Jenny’s Library, also has a thoughtful response.

– I will always love a good Richard III joke.

– You know what else I like? Hamlet jokes.

– I enjoyed this fanart of Gandalf with the Dwarves on those child-leashes.

– I wrote a guest post for the SLJ Printz Blog! And since no one disagreed with me, I’m clearly right. (Right?)

– The British Library released a huge number of images from 17th-19th century books. Zoe Toft has a nice post about children’s book illustrations.

Thought-provoking article about Google’s evilness. “In fact, the notion of what is meant by that phrase has always been a slippery one when used in discussion about Google, but to Google itself, what constitutes as “evil” has always been clear: Evil is what Google says it is.” (On a somewhat lighter note, I think Google’s apparent new motto, “One account. All of Google.”, is both eerie and mildly hilarious with its (unintentional?) echoes of “One Ring to rule them all.”)

By Maureen LaFerney

My name is Maureen. I currently work as a library assistant in a public library in the Indianapolis area, and also just so happen to be a voracious reader. I frequently end up under a cat.

6 replies on “Links from around the web: 1-15-14”

You’re welcome! I had heard about that release, but hadn’t thought of the kidlit applications.

My initial mental image of “dwarves on child-leashes” involved a style of taking preschoolers for a walk that’s popular around here: a long strap with little straps coming off of it periodically, each with a brightly-colored loop for children to hold on to. Usually there’s an adult on each end of the string.

(Like this: or:

I now wish that my drawing skills were up to the task of actually creating this image.

(I like your Bujold posts, by the way.)

Oh, yes, I’ve seen those too! But there are also one-child versions, which is what I was thinking of. I like your image. 🙂

And thank you!

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