2013 in books, part 6: Conclusion

Every year my reading goal is simple: 365, one book a day. This year…ahahahaha. Yeah. My grand total is 284, which is certainly respectable but nowhere near my (usually quite attainable) goal. I think this is due to a few things: a slow start to the reading year, a very busy fall, and the fact that many of the Cybils books I “read” weren’t actually completed and therefore are not included in my count. Regardless, I’m happy with so many of the books I read this year, that I don’t really mind.

{Stats paragraph: How did I get 284? I count each chapter book I read, but not picture books. I count every re-read as a separate book, both through my reading history (so a book I read in 2011 and then in 2012 is counted twice) and during the year (the year I read Jellicoe Road 3 times, I counted it 3 times). This is because I fundamentally believe that each time you read a book, you’re reading it in a new and different way. I don’t keep track of the percentage of new vs. re-reads, but my rereads have been in decline the past few years.}

I wrote a number of posts that weren’t just straight book reviews–some book related, some not. Here are the links to my favorites:
– Two posts about my dad: Six months later and one year later
– My first guest post! For Chachic’s EWein Special Ops week, I talked about being brave
A post about mysteries
A round-up of my ALA experience
A review of Thor 2
A round-up of Code Name Verity covers from different countries and editions
On CJ Cherryh’s Foreigner books
A review of The Hobbit part 1
What to read after Howl’s Moving Castle
All of the library displays I’ve posted for the past year
All of my Made & Making posts
“Dirge Without Music”, which is a poem that has run through my head ever since I read an eARC of Rose Under Fire
My Blogger Appreciation series
All of the Top Ten Tuesdays I’ve participated in
All of my Armchair BEA posts

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