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Top Ten Tuesday: Best Series Endings

This is a post for Top Ten Tuesday, hosted at The Broke and the Bookish. You can find out more and follow along there!

1. The Return of the King by J.R.R. Tolkien: Because I will never be able to read Frodo’s last paragraph without ugly-crying. “And then it seemed to him that as in his dream in the house of Bombadil, the grey rain-curtain turned all to silver glass and was rolled back, and he beheld white shores and beyond them a far green country under a swift sunrise.”

2. The Bitter Kingdom by Rae Carson: I loved how well Carson pulled together the different strands from the previous books; I loved the sense of hard-worn peace; I loved how much Elisa has grown, and yet how much she had remained herself.

3. All Clear by Connie Willis: I hadn’t thought of this one before I saw Brandy’s post, but OH YES. The first book is hideously confusing, but All Clear ties together the tangled strands and resolves the big questions of the whole series. Bonus: more ugly-crying (“Kiss me, Hardy!”).

4. Stolen Magic by Stephanie Burgis: I love Burgis’s Kat Stephenson series, and this was a perfect ending (unless we get more! which I would not object to!). Magic and family in Regency England, with a fun heroine–what’s not to like?

5. A Conspiracy of Kings by Megan Whalen Turner: I’m cheating because the series isn’t over yet (books five AND six are currently being written! [!!!!]). But I don’t care, because Megan Whalen Turner.

6. The Empty Kingdom by Elizabeth Wein: Again, this is currently the end of the series, but eventually that may change. But for now, it’s so perfect–bittersweet and heartwrenching, beautifully written–that it totally deserves a place on this list.

7. Crown of Dalemark by Diana Wynne Jones: Crown of Dalemark is one of those books that maybe only Diana Wynne Jones could pull off–she turns it into a time-travel book, jumping between different points in Dalemark’s history. And yet, it works and works beautifully.

8. Flora’s Fury by Ysabeau Wilce: I love the Flora Segunda books, and although Flora’s Fury was arguably a little long, I was ultimately very satisfied with where it left the characters.

9. The Last Colony by John Scalzi: I’m picky about the science fiction I like, but I really like Scalzi’s Old Man’s War series. The Last Colony wasn’t exactly the ending I expected, but I very much liked it.

10. The Gate of Gods by Martha Wells: Martha Wells is a criminally under-read author–her books are AMAZING. The Gate of Gods is the last in the Fall of Ile-Rien series, which is a trilogy that is part of a larger series. I recommend starting with Death of the Necromancer, for character background, and reading on from there.

By Maureen LaFerney

My name is Maureen. I currently work as a library assistant in a public library in the Indianapolis area, and also just so happen to be a voracious reader. I frequently end up under a cat.

3 replies on “Top Ten Tuesday: Best Series Endings”

Our lists have lots in common, though I forced myself to leave of Turner and Wein. I ALMOST put Dalemark on there, but I don’t LOVE LOVE it. I adored the concept and loved it all the way, but am not sure about the very very end. Sigh.

I know. I feel like both of them are on almost every single list. And yet! I do love Dalemark, although the very very end is a little weird. I guess for some reason I buy it?

I’m right there with you for The Gate of Gods. Also the third Raksura book is amazing! The interaction between Moon and his mother is intense.

I haven’t read The Bitter Kingdom yet. (I know, right? It’s on my TBR shelves.)

The last book in Sharon Shinn’s Twelve Houses series is my favorite — even though it’s kind of an extended epilogue to the story arc that is concluded in the fourth book.

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