Library Displays: Summer/Fall 2013

Wow, I haven’t done any library display posts for a long time! And I’ve done some I’ve been very happy with. So, rather than doing a long series of posts about each display, I’ve rounded them all up here.

During Summer Reading (end of May-end of July), I had a Dig Into Reading display which I talked about earlier. That was a really fun display to make, but it was also a lot of work, so I tried to make the other displays I did at that point a little simpler. First, I had a “Dig In!” display, which was all cookbooks and books about food. I just printed off large all caps letters and cut them out, and then printed a clip art place setting and used that as well. Later on, I took a bit of inspiration from the Geek the Library program and did a “Dig Dinos?” display. For that graphic, I used Microsoft Publisher and set some clip art into a colored background, with the text as a Word Art bubble in the background as well. (I still have the file for that one, so if you’d like to see it, let me know.)


I also had an unrelated display up at the same time–“Try a Graphic Novel!” in the area by the self-checkout. This was a really popular display, and I just did a quick clip art graphic for it. I recently switched that area to “Listen Up!” for audiobooks. This has also been a pretty popular display, and I’m hoping that it helps people notice our audiobook collection a little more. Also, apparently I feel the need to use exclamation points for those displays? I don’t know. For a visual hook with the audiobook display, I found a pair of lost earbuds that had been sitting in our lost-and-found for a long time and taped them to the banner on either side of the words. I don’t know that anyone’s particularly noticed it, but I was happy with the effect.

031 032

Here’s the display that took the place of the Dinos. Because of the location of the pillar, whatever display is there has to be either a really popular topic, or be pretty eye-catching. I went for the eye-catching this time, and hoped that the Percy Jackson tie-in would also help (although I hear that movie didn’t do so well?). The whole thing was done with Microsoft Word clip art–I printed it off, and then outlined the different elements with Sharpie and cut them out. The lettering was printed on colored paper, which I then shaded with colored pencil, traced with sharpie, and cut out. I was also trying a technique, which didn’t work so well, of mounting them on something to make a more 3-dimensional effect. The graphic part worked all right, but the lettering just looked kind of odd, in my opinion. If anyone has successfully done more 3-D lettering like that, I’d love to hear tips!

035 036 034

And then I changed the Summer Reading display on the cubes to a back to school one. I was inspired by a couple of displays I saw on Pinterest, and turned the whole thing into a school bus. I was really happy with how this display turned out and got several comments about it as well (which is really unusual!). I’m also trying to do make my lettering a little bolder, so I was experimenting with that here. It was a fair amount of work, but since it seems a lot fresher than apples and rulers, I’m just fine with that.

At the moment, the pillar display has football books, which is about to change because 1) Talk-like-a-Pirate Day is coming up and 2) we are out of football books. I spent about 5 minutes on that display–literally just took the best Word clip art image, enlarged it, and printed it off. No words, just a football. It’s circ’d really well, though, which may partly be because we have a lot of class visits at the moment and, of course, the Colts are playing again.

The other displays are the Listen Up display and a fall display. That one I did by using up some of our many many Ellison die leaves–I picked out a bunch of different colors and traced the veins with a darker colored pencil. Then I taped them on fish line and hung them from the ceiling above the cubes. The neat thing about this is that at certain times the air system sends a draft right over the cubes which makes the leaves blow around! I love the way it looks visually, and it’s a lot different from the more static displays I’ve gotten. The downside is that kids seem to like grabbing the leaves; I’ve shortened the fish line several times and I’m still coming in to leaves down. 😦 But I’d love to do a similar idea for a winter display, with snowflakes.

By Maureen LaFerney

My name is Maureen. I currently work as a library assistant in a public library in the Indianapolis area, and also just so happen to be a voracious reader. I frequently end up under a cat.

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Well, I don’t have my Master’s so, arguably, not a real librarian in that sense. But I am doing more than shelving books. 🙂 Thanks, Nick!

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