Made and Making: July 2013

Astonishingly enough, I occasionally do things other than read and talk about reading. Made and Making is my attempt to pull together some of the crafts, cooking, and other ventures I embark on each month.

I am working on Secret Projects for family members, so I can’t share them yet. Also, I am trying to decide what to make with all the teal worsted I have. I love this pattern but think I would want a different color. This is a very plain shawl. I really really love this one, but I would want to double the pattern and I’m not quite sure how to do that. There’s also this lovely Faroese shawl. Basically, Ravelry is the best/worst.

Smitten Kitchen’s best chocolate pudding, which is not only the best, it is super easy and delicious! I am tempted to make it all the time now.

Salmon with Fresh Sorrel sauce. I decided to try growing sorrel in our herb patch this year, and this was my first attempt to do something with it. It ended up being kind of a pesto-y sauce, and very delicious.

Peach ginger jam–I’ve been interested in small batch preserving recently and, since there’s a peach stand near my house, I thought this would be a good attempt. It turned out really well!

– White Beans and Cabbage, from Heidi Swanson’s Super Natural Everyday. This was totally delicious! I can think of some variations that might be good, with various herbs and so on, but the original is great too.



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6 responses to “Made and Making: July 2013

  1. lovely! 🙂 I liked those shawls; the simple one is lovely! the one you would want to double… I see that; so pretty but I would want a bit more length too… but the detailing is beautiful, hey?! would love to see pictures of what you make someday! 🙂 the cooking, lovely also! 🙂

    • Maureen Eichner

      The detailing is lovely! I just haven’t knit any semi-circular shawls and I really don’t know how you would go about doubling it. I’m terrible about taking pictures, but I’ll try to remember!

  2. I ♥ Smitten Kitchen and Heidi Swanson! There are so many kinds of sorrel…we have a lot of it growing wild in our yard and pick it and munch on it raw. There are Russians who go to our church and make soup with it. We saw a lot of it while camping in the Redwoods last month, but they were bigger sorrel than we have here…still 3 heart shaped leaves. Good luck with your knitting…I imagine whatever you end up doing with the teal worsted yarn will be lovely.

    • Maureen Eichner

      I think I bought French sorrel, if I’m remembering correctly. We have lots of lemon clover, but not much else that’s exciting, although there are some elderberry bushes at the empty lot down the road.

      Thank you! Hopefully I’ll remember to actually take some pictures this time. 🙂

  3. We just made Smitten Kitchen’s chocolate sorbet…and oh my goodness. It is the best thing ever. Like the richest chocolate ice cream I’ve ever had but without any pesky cream or milk in it so I can digest it easy-peasy! (Honestly, I would–and did, while we were making it–eat the stuff unfrozen.)

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