Going to ALA

As I mentioned in passing yesterday, I am headed out to ALA this week, and by the week I mean tomorrow. So if you’re picturing me quietly panicking, you’d be about right. On the other hand, the pre-conference panic is forcing me to do things I should have done a month ago, so that’s good, I guess.

Anyway, ALA, in case you did not know, is more properly ALA Annual, one of the two big conferences of the American Library Association. This year it’s in Chicago, so I’m driving up. I have never been before, and I’m simultaneously really excited and really terrified. But I think I will be learning a lot and since this is my first professional conference while actually employed, I think it’ll be good.

So, because I will be trekking my way through the nation’s largest convention center (they say 2.6 million square feet like it’s a selling point), posting will probably be light to non-existent around here. I will hopefully be back to regular posting next Tuesday or Wednesday.

And if you happen to be going to Annual too, I’d love to say hi! I will be doing several YA/children’s things and one or two circulation things.


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  1. have fun! look forward to hearing about it when you return! 🙂 remember to take breaks for some quiet if need be, this advice comes to mind (not that you asked…:) )

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