Library booksale haul, or how I manage to make you all jealous

This is the post that will make you all rise up and smite me with jealous rage. And I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry.

See, I work for the Indy Public Library, and they have a huge booksale several times a year, and I just discovered that employees get to go down the day after the booksale and take whatever they’d like for free. So after the last booksale I went down for the first time and came back with a whole stack of books.

Swallows and Amazons by Arthur Ransome. 1958 printing without his illustrations–not sure if I’ll keep it. In fact, I’m pretty sure I won’t, because I am attached to those illustrations like you wouldn’t believe.

Young People’s Reader from 1892. It is falling apart–missing back cover, front cover completely detached. But I think it’s kind of cool and it could be useful for a homeschooling type (which I suspect I will eventually be).

The Ladies of Grace Adieu by Susanna Clarke. I like these short stories a lot, but hadn’t gotten around to buying the book yet.

Cryoburn by Bujold
Memory by Bujold: TWO BUJOLDS. I had nearly given up on the SF section of this booksale, based on past experiences, but hey! Free, right? So I checked, and there were two of the Vorkosigan books sitting there, including Memory, which is one of my favorites.

The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. Creepy vampires.

Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy by Gary Schmidt: Shamefully, I have not read this yet. But now I have a copy!

Fire and Hemlock by Diana Wynne Jones: Which turned out to be a second copy, so it will be going to some deserving home.

White Cat by Holly Black: I LOVE White Cat, so this was a no-brainer.

Curse of the Wendigo by Rick Yancey: I also love the Will Henry series, so another no-brainer.

Abhorsen by Garth Nix: I ended up deciding not to keep this one either, because I like the first book the best, and also it’s the new edition without the Dillon cover art and therefore heresy.

Kat Incorrigible by Stephanie Burgis: I mean, come ON now.

Ernest and Celsetine by Gabrielle Vincent: A sweet picture book about a bear and a mouse.

Tumble Tower by Anne Tyler: This is one of my favorite picture books OF ALL TIME, about a messy princess whose messiness turns out to be life-saving. (I am surprised my parents let me read it.) (I am quite messy.)

The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship by Arthur Ransome: Another book I love.

Appolonia’s Valentine by Katherine Milhous: This is a lovely old-fashioned picture book and I snatched it from the shelf as soon as I saw it.

A Proud Taste for Scarlet and Miniver by E.L. Konigsburg: How could I not? (*sob*)

Sun Horse, Moon Horse by Rosemary Sutcliff: A Sutcliff I haven’t read! I still haven’t read it, but I’m hoping it will be fun.

McBroom and the Big Wind by Sid Fleischman: Tall tales from McBroom & co. I can’t remember if this is the one I read a lot growing up, but regardless, I was excited.

The Minstrel and the Dragon Pup by Rosemary Sutcliff: I’m not super wild about the illustrations, but I like the story.

The Enchanted Schoolhouse by Ruth Sawyer: Anything by Ruth Sawyer is a yes.

The Bears on Hemlock Mountain by Alice Dalgliesh: There are no bears on Hemlock Mountain…I can still remember where this book was on the big children’s shelf in my room.

They Were Strong and Good by Robert Lawson: Family history, which I loved a lot.

King of Shadows by Susan Cooper: Which turned out to be a second copy.

Where the Lilies Bloom by Vera and Bill Cleaver: A very funny, sweet story about a family in Appalachia.

Spiderweb for two by Elizabeth Enright: I love the Melendy books, and I didn’t have this one. Score!

Marilka by Janina Domanska: Grabbed because it looked interesting–no idea who the author is or anything!


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May 29, 2013 · 8:30 am

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