Top Ten Tuesday: Auto-Buy Authors


Chachic posted a list of her top ten auto-buy authors this morning, which got me thinking about the ones I would choose. There’s a huge difference between auto-buy and auto-put-on-hold-this-instant, for me. But, to start with, here are the ten authors whose books are automatically purchased, no questions asked.

Franny Billingsley
Erin Bow
Sarah Rees Brennan
Frances Hardinge
Hilary McKay
Robin McKinley
Rachel Neumeier
Megan Whalen Turner
Elizabeth Wein
Ysabeau Wilce

Notice that several of these take a long time to write. This is excellent for my bank balance! On the other hand, feverish anticipation is a problem.

But what about the auto-put-on-hold-this-instant authors? Here’s a top ten list for those as well.

R.J. Anderson
Holly Black
Lois McMaster Bujold
D.M. Cornish
Tessa Gratton
Melina Marchetta
Patricia McKillip
Maggie Stiefvater
Patricia C. Wrede
Rick Yancey

These are authors who I really, truly love and if I was made of money I would buy all their books…but I’m not and so I support my public library system(s) first. And then there are the authors that I would totally put on my auto-buy list, if they still were alive and writing (Diana Wynne Jones! Elizabeth Marie Pope! Rosemary Sutcliff!). But I need to stop making lists now.

As a final note, this is my first time participating in Top Ten Tuesday! I want to participate, if the topic for the week is an interesting one. You can find the full list for this week here.



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4 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Auto-Buy Authors

  1. When it comes to new books, I don’t have an auto-buy list, although I probably do have an auto-put-on-hold-list. I’m very reluctant to buy books I haven’t read – I want to be certain I want to add a book to my collection before I buy it, because I can’t afford to buy as many books as I would like. And if I could, I’d be worried about bookshelf space.

    But I do have a long list of buy-on-sight authors when it comes to library sales / second-hand shops. Which leads to me owning two copies of some of my favourite books, because while I don’t need the second copy of The Queen of Attolia, I couldn’t bear to leave it to languish at the back of the shop!

    • Maureen E

      I’m also very reluctant to buy books I haven’t read, but for a few authors I will totally make an exception (see: this whole list). And I am with you on bookshelf space. *weeps*

      I don’t really buy second copies, unless I’m planning to give them to someone else. Again, bookshelf space. But I do pat them lovingly and hope that someone else will buy them.

  2. Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday! This was a great topic to revisit, wasn’t it? I suspect that once I read Frances Hardinge’s other novels, she’d make it to my list as well. Same with Rachel Neumeier. I don’t think I’ve read anything by Ysabeau Wilce.

    I like your second list. Goodness knows how many I’d have in mine if I made a list like that.

    • Maureen E

      I love Frances Hardinge’s books with a pure and deep love. Ysabeau Wilce is lots of fun–she has a trilogy that stards with Flora Segunda and goes on to Flora’s Dare and Flora’s Fury. Alternate version of California, with lots of hijinks.

      It was very hard to limit the second list to 10. VERY hard.

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